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clayton moore 08

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6 Responses to “clayton moore 08”

  1. Dirtybird4life1 says:

    i played little league and knew him in high school he was kinda of a spoiled brat

  2. thechosen164 says:

    man that ia one good athelete and that coach should be banned from coaching

  3. moore08football says:

    didnt hit coach just cussed him. should have been punished n practice like all other coaches would have done. not brad peterson he knew his chance to get out of highschool coaching was over cause kid went to different school. so he set out to ruin kid. however kid is enrolled at olemiss this spring n is moving forward. if u coached a kid witht this much talent would u try n run him so much. hell no u wouldnt u would protect him. his coach is a loser. only one championship bc of kid.

  4. moore08football says:

    brad peterson the head coach was tryin to get the kid to go to another college for a package deal. kid chose ole miss. the coach was lookin for a reason to ruin the kids offer n he did. the kid cussed the coach. a coach cussed the kid. kid gets taken off team and coach glen the assistant coach that cussed him didnt. u tell me who has no discipline. the kid had stress fracture in his back. ran over 10 times a game. brad doubted he was hurt told kid this. kid got backed n corner what would u do


    OH this kid acted like a spoiled brat with his coach and played himself. Did he punch his coach or something, kinda harsh its not like he shot someone or something, then again should have kept his mouth shut. I hope he learned his lesson. Cost his a scholarship. Kids these days have no discipline because their parents don’t have any, which is why the economy is in the crapper because people are too busy buying what they cant afford. Anyway I digress.


    Did this kid not get any offers? Why is he walking on? I thought Syracuse was an option. He should have tried to walk on there, better school and better chance to play, unless its a money or financial aid issue.

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