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ClassicTVBlog- Donny & Marie Sing Country & Rock n Roll

Off of the Best of Donny & Marie DVD, here’s America’s favorite brother and sister act here are the Osmond’s singing a duet. It’s their rendition of “A Little Bit of Country, A Little Bit of Rock n’ Roll.”

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25 Responses to “ClassicTVBlog- Donny & Marie Sing Country & Rock n Roll”

  1. MrPhlux says:

    @Dremple Have you seen a lot of mormon women? That would not be very hard.

  2. mundymanor says:

    Well here’s a blast from the past. I was just a kid when I’d watch this stuff.

    Yeah, some cheese, but also a lot of memories. Lol.

  3. joshuarosenblatt says:

    damn lypsincing poseur talentless hacks.

  4. dreadpiraterobert says:

    Ahem, and I quote:


    Nuff said.

  5. katecat908 says:


    from kateycat908

  6. drkam6 says:

    @b4rn35y well said

  7. b4rn35y says:

    @zackhanscom loads. I’ve got it all on tape in my loft and wank to it furiously every fortnight. what I wouldnt give to jizz all over marie here

  8. b4rn35y says:

    true american cheese

  9. zackhanscom says:

    i wonder how much incestuous oral sex these two have engaged in.

  10. Dremple says:

    She’s the Hottest Mormon EVER!

  11. lilyy28 says:

    @mthivier haha
    well thats what i thought of you …
    … asshole :)

  12. DorisDayFanatic says:

    @DonnaWerhan No, she didn’t have kids until after the show ended. She didn’t get married until 1982, and the show ended in 1979, I think.

  13. DonnaWerhan says:

    Is Marie pregnant in this video?

  14. mthivier says:

    @lilyy28, wow, what an insightful, timely and poignant post. i bet you worked all afternoon on it. Congratulations.

  15. lilyy28 says:

    @mthivier asshole

  16. neyoroxmysox says:

    THIS IS AWESOME, I WAS DONNT OSMOND IN MY 5TH GRADE PLAY!!!!!!!!HES SOOO BEAST!!!!!!!! AND……..hes too kuwe fo skool

  17. mastercodyallen says:

    love this song !

  18. witchmar says:

    thanks for posting this, i watched this show every friday night, never missed a show, so again thanks for posting this.

  19. notchjohnson1 says:

    they shoulda fucked each other on stage in this video!

  20. blabblab1212 says:

    I’m a little bit white bread!

  21. DONNYandMARIE1973 says:

    i love Donnie and Marie!

  22. rhiann0n1 says:

    @alicecullenrox8 who knows how much any of the Osmonds have given to charity over their 50 year career as they do not advertise such things because they don’t do it gain public favor…….but i can tell you the Children’s Miracle Network (founded by the Osmonds) has raised over 3 BILLION dollars

  23. oldwarhorse1865 says:

    Sorry about your loss Marie. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  24. prausch65 says:

    Ms. condolences on your loss..may God give you strength to cope.

  25. mthivier says:

    No, Donnie indeed didn’t do all those things, but he also didn’t molest little boys, so I’d say that puts him one up on MJ.

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