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Classic late 80′s Soul Train line with white guy partying’ LOL!

Soul Train line with white guy dancing hard in the 80′s
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25 Responses to “Classic late 80′s Soul Train line with white guy partying’ LOL!”

  1. rckissfist says:

    1:36 I’m wearing that outfit to work tomorrow. HEY LADIES, CHECK OUT MY KNEE HIGHS.

  2. mollywoppar says:

    0:49 wats up widd dha poker dot suit

  3. bart6017 says:

    0:40 thats yvette got a clip of her on the scramble board from 83, fine as hell. 1:00 that”s sharon 1 of my all time fav dancer, called her the side of beef before i knew her name 1:19 robin another fave of mine,she was in prince second movie, i used to call her primetime, 1:43 thats barbra.

  4. daymude63 says:

    uh, cause they pulled their pants up?

  5. ruddybop says:

    @Erodsgyrl88 Karyn White - Secret Rendezvous

  6. CreatureFeatureFred says:

    @ImaFez Everyone was better looking back then. Nobody sagged, there werent any emos or scene kids or street thugs. Young men looked like young men, and young ladies were fine as hell.

  7. forcegfx says:

    Hey morons: These women were picked because they were attractive. They’re not random women off the street. They were selected for their looks in addition to their talent.

  8. TheNeeuqnozama says:

    White dude was gettin it in!

  9. Erodsgyrl88 says:

    What song is this??

  10. marlo916 says:

    @ImaFez there ARE other black women outside of the hood yaknow. 

  11. sexyladybrownsuga says:

    @ChrisBBeats1 tell it baby!

  12. ChrisBBeats1 says:

    @ImaFez meet more black women.

  13. ImaFez says:

    @ChrisBBeats1 how can that possibly b true? thats a really pathetic question. my claim, was just an opinion. whats wrong with being general? do u want me to b so conclusive about this that i write an entire novella on it? but just to fill ur brain with why i find the women of the 80′s more attractive then now, is cuz of their attitude, they had more zest and lust, black women today are still beautiful, but they arent as fun as they were back then.

  14. ImaFez says:

    @stop08it agreed

  15. gwfann says:

    Secret Rondezvous by Karyn White

  16. sosorosso says:

    what’s the name of this song?

  17. ChrisBBeats1 says:

    @ImaFez it’s ignorant because how can that possibly true? fair enough if you said that your preference is more in keeping with the style of how black women used to dress or pamper themselves back then. but it’s such a stupid statement to be so general and say black women were prettier back then. those women are still alive and probably still good looking. i’m sure if a black woman from today dressed like the women in this video you would find them attractive. just saying.

  18. stop08it says:

    @ImaFez probably the way media portrayed us…

  19. ImaFez says:

    @Mr91OCB well alright then….

  20. ImaFez says:

    @ChrisBBeats1 how does saying black woman were prettier in the past make me an ignorant person? calling me ignorant for such a thing like this makes me question ur intelligence. my statement was a matter of opinion, not a fact, and i for one, was not saying it as a speak as if u wholly know me even though uve never met me in my life and you’re using my statement as if u did. dont b a dilettante.

  21. daneomatic89 says:

    @ImaFez Because Mc Donalds was invented

  22. liljjjj says:

    @gogocharlesco That white dude was hilarious! I’m sorry, I just

  23. mrpleaseme1 says:

    everybody over eats this days

  24. Mr91OCB says:

    Carlton Banks owns them all.

  25. Mr91OCB says:

    @ImaFez damned, i clicked on the thumb down…sorry, wanted the green one

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