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Classic Game Room – STARGATE Pinball Machine review

Classic Game Room revews the STARGATE Pinball Machine by Gottlieb produced in 1995 which is based on the 1994 movie, Stargate! SHOOT THE PYRAMID! This mid-90′s pinball machine has the music and sound effects from the awesome Science Fiction classic, Stargate. Kurt Russel and James Spader are featured on the ramps, the video screen delivers enjoyable scenes from the movie and you’ll play your way by way of numerous adventures as you rack up huge points on the Stargate pinball playfield. The back glass has a cool appear to it and the overall machine is difficult and enjoyable to play for Stargate and pinball fans. This CGR evaluation of Stargate pinball has gameplay from the Stargate pinball machine at PAPA World Headquarters, property of the Pinball Globe Championships.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Classic Game Room – STARGATE Pinball Machine review”

  1. ARalleProduction says:

    arrrhg !? soo many baals :D

  2. TheminecraftPOP says:

    STARFOX! do a.. uh i mean SHOOT THE PYRAMID

  3. mcavinue01 says:

    OMG I want one!! I’m a novice to pinball machines, but I’d purchase this just for the theme alone.

  4. TransAMGTA1988 says:

    Nice review!

  5. Kreetard says:

    There should be a pinball machine with Cliff Simon theme! It could be called Pinba’al!

  6. Faelinroma says:

    i love the sounds of arcade machines

  7. evilgamers1 says:

    hey mark you should enter a pinball tournament! you`ll finish in the top 3 for sure!

  8. cessnaace says:

    Cool video. I’ve added it to the Piball & Pachinko playlist on my channel. :)


  9. SmashPixel says:

    I want a pinball machine in my room! :D

  10. Terramax says:

    Man, one of my top 5 fav films. I’d love this machine!

  11. ghosttimer says:

    Shoot the pyramid XD

  12. Funeralflames says:

    Dat pyramid.

  13. HaloViral says:

    no you have to shoot the pyramid again

  14. ScaryUnleashed says:

    Review the Original Gorgar Pinball machine from The William’s Collection

  15. GunshipHero says:

    Sounds like Strider on the Mega Drive/Genesis.

  16. h20DDs says:

    lol at the sexy voice at the end. “Another coin please”. Baby you can have all the coins you want, LMAO.

  17. MAH1500 says:

    3:15 I want that T-Shirt !!

  18. vidEOkid12345 says:

    @9879novo *digit

  19. jupreindeer says:

    @deadwaldo Yes! I see that Visual Pinball was ported into UltraPin inside an actual pinball arcade frame. Now, I wonder if I’ll ever see one in real life?

  20. jupreindeer says:

    @godspersoneljester Oh, it is. Has that monitor tucked away to shine crazy images at you as you play. Talk about something as unique as Baby Pac-Man.

  21. jupreindeer says:

    @ChadzBeerReviews I was at The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. They had a machine there that promoted itself as having the largest multi-ball prize to ever be seen. And, it wasn’t kidding. So many silver balls. So little flipper control over all of them.

  22. chickenman071 says:

    he’s a pinball wizard!

  23. darkhero36 says:

    @8BitAwesome eat up batteries fro rumble feature though. tried playing without rumble but it just didnt feel the same, so………. spent alot of money on batteries XD

  24. Regnier191 says:

    Revenge from mars is next to mark. Loved that pinball machine. Played it over and over in thr hotel.

  25. Broyale26 says:

    Since my little league coach and his “roommate” took turns sitting on my face.

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