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Classic Concentration, pt. 1

Stephanie and Jim compete in the initial game. No spoiling comments, please.
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16 Responses to “Classic Concentration, pt. 1”

  1. RJN0607 says:

    How can S be E? I don’t understand that.

  2. amez4life says:

    Jim kind of reminds me of Henry Polic II from “Webster” . . .

  3. Fartingbellybutton says:

    This Episode aired around Easter 1991.

  4. rudorot65 says:

    i didnt here the hosts name is that alex trebek

  5. Sonic3000 says:

    A tool used to make holes on woods. (e.g)

  6. Fartingbellybutton says:

    This is Terrible, If GSN had Weakest Link, 1 vs. 100 and Deal Or No Deal which are NBC Productions, How Come they don’t have Classic Concentration?

  7. SueBeaWho says:

    I can NOT believe it!!! I hardly EVER am able to guess the puzzle and I figured it out at 4:52!! I am not bragging (maybe a little lol) but I am serious I usually suck at this game even tho i LOVE it!! Yay for Sue for once! In fact when I first saw the bear i THOUGHT I had it but kept silent. Anyway, thanks for posting!

  8. SueBeaWho says:

    nextbarker: I don’t know why but your question makes me laugh in a good way. It just strikes me funny! I gave you a thumbs up! :-) 2 ppl went thumbs down which I don’t think is cool. I mean, what average person knows WTH an awl is??!!

  9. Italianlover07 says:

    That is a hole making tool, used for either cloth, leather or wood, and it’s used to punch holes. That’s what an awl is. The puzzle creator uses that frequently in several puzzles, along with hell, ass, urn, hare, oar, sea and even a ewe.

  10. TVLubber says:

    A tool.

  11. bluebear1985 says:

    Really? It would be good to see it on television again. This is the first I’ve heard of it though.

  12. Fartingbellybutton says:

    When Jessy Leppert went to the Today Show, he told Matt Lauer, Al Roker & Meredith Viera about his Computer version of Classic Concentration and NBC was thinking about hiring Jessy Leppert for a revival of Classic Concentration replacing Deal Or No Deal.

  13. nextbarker says:

    What the hell is an AWL?

  14. GarfieldnPyramid says:

    This is a great show to bad GSN can’t get the rights to it from NBC.

  15. quiznationrules says:

    She must be Karen Martin or something. :-)

  16. zachhoran says:

    Were those Easter bunnies representing the strikes on the player’s podium?

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