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Classic Concentration (July 1987) Marjorie Goodson’s debut! Portion 1

Here is the starting of a July 1987 episode of Classic Concentration. It marks the debut of Marjorie Goodson as the model of the prizes on the show (with an acknowledgement of her becoming Mark Goodson’s daughter) as Tom defends his title against Hilary in the first game. No copyright infringement is intended.
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25 Responses to “Classic Concentration (July 1987) Marjorie Goodson’s debut! Portion 1”

  1. rls0411 says:

    Wouldn’t ‘Classic’ Concentration be more similar to the old Hugh Downs version? I’d consider the Trebek version to be the All New Concentration.

  2. TheBigManM says:


  3. TDog14126 says:

    i have NEVER heard of this show!

  4. DownsA530 says:

    Not at this time.

  5. bjacquard says:

    do you have the episodes of classic concentration featuring the contestants Norm Vs. Molly?

  6. jwgreek8606 says:

    @jwgreek8606 he mentioned J! in that episode

  7. Fartingbellybutton says:

    @jwgreek8606 No I remember the Episode when Alex mentioned Jeopardy!

  8. jwgreek8606 says:

    @Fartingbellybutton but do you remember that episode?

  9. Fartingbellybutton says:

    @jwgreek8606 No

  10. jwgreek8606 says:

    what Alex did not understand was NBC owned Concentration.

  11. jwgreek8606 says:

    It would have been nice if Alex was Bob’s successor on TPIR. He could have done both J! and TPIR simultaneously since CBS’s syndication division distributes J!

  12. jwgreek8606 says:

    @Fartingbellybutton Are you talking about the episode where a contestant named Joyce James was a contestant with him on both J! and CC?

  13. ChihuahuaboyDH says:

    Does anyone notice Alex Trebek seems to be more relaxed & “upbeat” during his tenure of hosting “Classic Concentration” & “High Rollers” than he’s ever been at any time while hosting “Jeopardy!”? Funny!

  14. Fartingbellybutton says:

    @DownsA530 You Should because, You might get over 1,000.000 Views with that Episode.

  15. DownsA530 says:

    I might in the future.

  16. Fartingbellybutton says:

    David, I saw on your list on your site, You have a Episode of CC where Alex says Jeopardy!, Can you post the Episode?

  17. ChihuahuaboyDH says:

    @zachhoran Funny, it appears from looking at the promo for “Classic Concentration, Alex Trebek seems to be enjoying those hugs from various contestants. Nice work if you can get it!

  18. ChihuahuaboyDH says:

    C’mon NBC, please allow GSN to show reruns of “Classic Concentration”!

    Lots of people would watch this “classic” game show, for certain!

    Good luck, Diana Taylor! Hello, Marjorie Goodson (later Cutt)!

  19. ChihuahuaboyDH says:

    Seeing this original NBC telecast, plus the commercial ads, brings back a lot of memories!

    It was sad to see Diana Taylor leave “Classic Concentration”. She went to Australia?

    It was nice to see Marjorie Goodson (later Cutt) as a welcome addition to “CC”!

    According to Alex Trebek, she’s the daughter of the man (Mark Goodson), “who owns the program”.

    R.I.P. Mark Goodson…1915-1992. You’re missed to this very day.

    Today’s game show producers could sure use your guidance, for sure!

  20. Fartingbellybutton says:

    On Marjorie’s first show, She shows off her belly.

  21. Disneydanny says:

    “thew man weho own’s the show, Mark Goodson” I wish! if it were that easy we’d probably bew seeing this on GSN.

  22. HarlemHyena says:

    When Alex mentioned that Marjorie was Mark’s daughter, I was reminded of the line from SpongeBob’s “Culture Shock”…
    “Our new model is living proof that nepotism is alive and well!”

  23. mphlohi says:

    So there was no penalty for a failed attempt to solve the puzzle, except the ugly buzzer.

  24. bobmartin3 says:

    True or False? An All New Game Show Hosted By Pat Sajak If 2 Players Ever Get 3 Questions Wrong! That Pat Sajak Was Asking That’s 3 Strikes And these 2 Contestants Are Outta Here! But Dough+N+T= Don’t +War+E=Worry!= Don’t Worry! Vanna White Will Help out These 2 players to get back into the game in No Time Flat!

  25. Italianlover07 says:

    I did not know Ms. Taylor had left CC for a few weeks to marry an Australian. I guess it was better things left unsaid. With Marjorie Goodson [later Cutt], before she ever worked with Alex Trebek, she once did a dance in the showcase on “The Price is Right,” with another legendary host, Bob Barker.

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