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Classic Concentration (February 22, 1989) College Week: Stephanie vs Robert

Here is an episode of Classic Concentration from February 1989. It’s the Wednesday episode of College Week, and today, we have Stephanie (from Biola University) taking on Robert (from Claremont McKenna College), so it’s a battle of true giants! Anyway, let’s see who gets a shot at a new car! No copyright infringement is intended. The commercials are included.
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16 Responses to “Classic Concentration (February 22, 1989) College Week: Stephanie vs Robert”

  1. ChihuahuaboyDH says:

    I LOVE Classic Concentration! Please post more episodes if you have them. Thanks!

  2. pannoni1 says:

    2:42 That was MY 4th birthday!

  3. MrThe11hollarr says:

    @zachhoran True, but on Jeopardy! it has been called for many years, the Jeopardy! College Championship.

  4. CaptainOvide says:

    @TVLubber Sorry.

  5. TVLubber says:

    Actually, Jim Jinkins created Doug, not Jim Davis.

  6. CaptainOvide says:

    27:12 Stay tuned for Jim Davis’ Doug and the Voice Actor Lorenzo Music!

  7. gamelover1949 says:

    It could have been instructed by the show to do so. That is just guessing, though.

    If not, then they just skipped breakfast. :-D

  8. barber747 says:


    One thing that bothers me is how the crowd keeps moaning and groaning more and more @ when the players make unsuccessful attempts @ matching two tiles…I just don’t understand that!

  9. zachhoran says:

    College Week didn’t debut on J! until May 9, 1989.

  10. greenwater735 says:

    I tought he was going for the mustang in the bonus round, but I guess I was wrong.

  11. dave11686 says:


  12. gamelover1949 says:

    It’s possible.

  13. Jessyleppert says:

    Alex should have worn that Red Shirt on Lovers week.

  14. Jessyleppert says:

    I think Alex wanted College week on Classic Concentration too, because he did it on Jeopardy! Too.

  15. 1991ArielFan says:

    I Was Surprised That The Nintendo Entertainment System Wasn’t A Prize To Be Played For During College Week.

  16. 1991ArielFan says:

    Thanks For Posting A Classic Concentration Episode From Early 1989!

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