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Classic Comedy Morecambe and Wise

Morecambe and Wise breakfast sketch
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Classic Comedy Morecambe and Wise”

  1. BlanCatt95 says:

    Only found out hat this was called a few days ago,bearing in mind I’ve been looking for it for 2 YEARS !!

  2. johnnymta says:

    Check out the israeli version:

  3. johnnymta says:

    Check out the israeli version:

  4. Groomy146 says:

    14 people are retards

  5. alexkrycek21 says:


  6. fodens108 says:

    How the hell can anyone not like this? pure class.

  7. balin2k says:

    one word ‘genius!’

  8. csvictory12 says:

    damn why wasn’t i born earlier

  9. megasimon999 says:

    More comin genius in action!!
    I grew up with this and miss good quality TV like this, Two Ronnies …………best days

  10. hugamumfterwoof says:

    this is the best food sketch evar

  11. bilal11ashraf says:

    @saintcasper91 yh same here man i walk around doing the same kinda shit its hilarious

  12. csvictory12 says:

    best sketch evr

  13. saintcasper91 says:

    I cracked up laughing at about 1:44

  14. alfiesgirluk says:

    Brilliant I was just old enought to appreciate them but too young to be allowed out on Saturday night so I used to really look forward to them………………….I will never forget Ernies plays they were just pricelesss

  15. richeeeeeeeeee says:

    marcombe and wise crack me up this is soooooo funny ha ha ha

  16. 1960dave1960 says:

    Why are all the funniest men now no longer with us. – No duo can make us laugh like these two could.

  17. takethat01 says:

    this makes me laugh every time I see it they had perfect timing

  18. moosey62 says:

    St6ill remember my dad pissing himself at this – as we all did.

  19. AntimonyKriyon says:

    @andynyazai I intake your opinion and render it invalid, you quite clearly do not know what your on about as Armstrong and Miller recreated this sketch due to the amount of people who love it, I shall now will tell you why you are wrong.

    1: The comical timing in this is not only perfect but in Morecambe and Wise you didn’t sit for an extra 3 hours for retakes it was done in one.
    2: If popular comedians recreate it now then it was obviously a great.

    Show me a better sketch and I’ll delete this.

  20. Daveh01 says:

    The bit with the sausages has me in tears every time. Pure genius!

  21. BritishAlienCompany says:


  22. SHAZZA819 says:

    cool man, this is great this is pure genius

  23. SHAZZA819 says:

    cool man, this is great

  24. sail1948 says:

    Less funny than a root canal filling. About as much fun as cleaning the cooker. Reminds me of deadly boring Christmas afternoons. They’d be hard put to win a talent contest on the end of Wigan pier. (If they were still alive that is)

  25. hunnybunwales says:

    Remembered this earlier when Paul n I started dancing up n down the kitchen making lunch. Opening & shutting the cupboards throwing & catching the food. Great fun :-)

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