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Classic Comedy Morecambe and Wise

Morecambe and Wise breakfast sketch
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Classic Comedy Morecambe and Wise”

  1. SuperPrivate2011 says:

    I just love Ern beating the eggs

  2. JamesHolman1000 says:

    Morecambe and Wise for the win! You just don’t get comedy like this anymore unfortunately.

  3. 12345hoe12345 says:

    Comedy Gold!

  4. BringMeSunshine31 says:

    absolutely amazing! :) x

  5. akaspooky says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  6. dezzah1976 says:

    @NW10SJL THE best ever! :)

  7. CapitalBhoy78 says:

    I am speechless at how brilliant it is. I mean…wow

  8. MrMike0113 says:

    @Apalmeic5 I had no idea there were so many “lawyers” around until I discovered YouTube.

  9. Apalmeic5 says:

    we don’t need police protection no more laws against use—-we people can protect our own colours a lawyer the people would be safer in non police hands as police perscute and prosecute use all…

  10. marka231 says:

    Ablsolute Legends

  11. JamzEs97 says:

    Morecambe and wise are comedy legends
    No one will ever live up to this standard

  12. GorgeousG2011 says:

    PG tips stole this!

  13. johnjnukemsheridan says:

    @ThisIsEnglaaand Totally agree with you!

  14. ThisIsEnglaaand says:

    I wish these two legends were still around to bring us REAL British comedy. You cannot dislike these people seriously :’)

  15. LadyGaga110899 says:

    Ah they dont do comedy like this anymore…

  16. 12345hoe12345 says:

    Comedy gold! And one of the greatest sketches ever!

  17. whitestwidow says:


  18. happy222ification says:

    17 people don’t do this when they wake up in the morning

  19. shionamcmillan675 says:

    @georgercop 17 now, stupid b*st*ards

  20. Lava91point0 says:

    No1 has ever managed to stand up this sketch, and never will lol. Truly classic

  21. jamierourketen says:

    17 dislikes! haha! sad miserable gits! this is pure comedy classic!

  22. Slapbass13 says:

    @KarateArdvark How did it go?

  23. NW10SJL says:

    One of the very best comedy sketches ever made.

  24. etchells29 says:

    @KarateArdvark Ha ha good luck !

  25. KarateArdvark says:

    Me and my little sister are doing this for my dad’s birthday tomorrow morning! He has no idea! XD

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