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Clampetts Strike Oil

Clampetts Strike Oil
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25 Responses to “Clampetts Strike Oil”

  1. XxXxDaDa says:

    Yours truely, Jed.

  2. STU676 says:

    Best show ever and only the honeymooners and all in the family are close

  3. bitemypillow says:

    @Bestmanme08 nutbag!

  4. Bestmanme08 says:

    @Bestmanme08 The book Obama:Why Black America Should Have Doubts (at amazon) shows this of him! Book partially written by Martin Luther King’s niece!

  5. Bestmanme08 says:

    The lady playing Miss Jane Hathaway was gay in real life! Obama himself knew somebody cured of being gay! Call 1-888-264-0877 for a genuine homosexual cure!

  6. STU676 says:

    Like the version of the theme song

  7. Zeriouslly says:

    Damn I wish they’d use the original theme music. This sets the tone for the whole episode. The music they use now just doesn’t work for me…

  8. mgobluekid1 says:

    @USSR369 same here!

  9. MountainGyspy says:

    Man, I still watch this show. I bought the boxset on dvd and I try to catch it whenever the reruns are on tv. Still a fantastic show….better than the reality crap on tv these days!

  10. 16JAM77 says:

    yeah sure, that was pretty obvious u wer talking about makeup
    i mean any1 else reading that comment wud hav pikd up on that 1.

  11. xvoy2002 says:

    @16JAM77 Thanks for the stupid reply. I was referring to makeup.

  12. 16JAM77 says:

    just a gues, but i think thats y they call them “actors”.

  13. xvoy2002 says:

    Irene Ryan was lot different than her character. I remember seeing her as herself when I was a kid. You woudn’t believe it was the same person.

  14. 19271948 says:

    Great voice! Great song! When I want to feel better, I watch the “Hillbillies” Thanks for checking my music out.

  15. rozzie101 says:

    I remember in the 80′s, I use to watch old TV shows, and this was my favorite one to watch…

  16. rocksinger45 says:

    In the show opener Granny is holding a shot gun while being driven down a Beverly Hill street, if that was today she would either be shot or tazzered and thrown to the ground by the BHPD… these guys don’t mess around.

  17. NascarSmarty says:

    fuckin hamburger helper ad!
    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!

  18. strongpowerman5 says:

    this is not the first episode, it’s the phycitrist episode, and on the list, this title is the first one “strike oil”, adjust the titled list.

  19. reneecalling says:

    Yes, probably so.

  20. RemoSC49 says:

    @reneecalling You’re right, that was the first episode. I’ve been thinking that maybe they refer to this as the first episode and the one we were discussing as the pilot show.

  21. reneecalling says:

    @RemoSC49 Yeah, it isn’t the first episode. From my memory, Jed had struck oil and when he was talkin either with Granny or Pearl, she wanted to know how they were going to be paid and Jed said to the effect in ‘million dollars,” but he didn’t know what it meant. Later just before they moved to BH, I think I remember Jed referring to the shack where they lived that “he didn’t want to leave all this.” behind. I believe that was the first episode.

  22. reneecalling says:

    Hi drelbcom. Thanks for uploading “The Beverly Hillbillies.” I haven’t seen this show for many years, and had forgotten how funny it was.

  23. rayssonation says:

    The black and white episodes aired from 1962 until 1965. The color episodes aired from 1965 until 1971.

  24. moda1320 says:

    that lady mrs hallaway or what ever has anoying voice / lisp thing is gross ! i want to stab her shes a bad bad bad actor !

  25. getmynut says:

    I voted for Bush and now I realise we have two parties with one head….don’t be a useful idiot.

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