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CinemaScope – 1957 PEYTON PLACE trailer and newsreel

1957 PEYTON PLACE trailer and newsreel
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7 Responses to “CinemaScope – 1957 PEYTON PLACE trailer and newsreel”

  1. marmas58ink says:

    Selenia… prob the most foreign sounding name in town. Doesn’t sound like she’d be blonde, from somewhere way down South or way out West. …the girl who was abused by her father! Damn scandalous for 1957. I don’t think they were town natives but had moved from …(parts unknonw).
    Town Tramp Betty wouldn’t get redeemed until she made it to the small screen.

  2. swthorminy says:

    whats this really about?

  3. taniwo says:

    OK. Who is Michael Rossi? I’ve read the book and there isn’t a character by the name Michael Rossi.. is that supposed to be Tom Makris’ character?

  4. nanlisa says:

    This movie came out the year that I was born; 1957.

    Also, when everybody in Hollywood went to movie premieres in those days; they really dressed up; tuxes, gowns, jewels; you name it! Nowadays at movie premiers, they dress dress like slobs!

  5. Ulitawo says:

    I have the book, the VHS and the soundtrack on LP and CD, of this movie. And yet I was only 11 when I saw this on the big screen, in the late 50s. I never understood it then but movie-going was always a weekend treat during those times and so it didn’t matter what was showing. I have always liked this movie and its soundtrack. The stars in it were all great and I was a huge Russ Tamblyn fan but of course I fell in love with Diane Varsi.

  6. smokelean says:

    susan strasberg was offered the role of allison but nixed by her dad lee strasberg . she would have been wonderful but imust say i am a huge diane varsi fan

  7. soulierinvestments says:

    0:13 Well almost everybody. Not me, thank you.

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