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Chuck Woolery discusses crazy budget cuts Game show legend Chuck Woolery discusses which sacred government programs should be saved from the budget cuts.

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14 Responses to “Chuck Woolery discusses crazy budget cuts”

  1. onviant says:

    @SnugglePuma huh?!? Barney Frank is a Democrat.

  2. SnugglePuma says:

    @onviant But there are still over a hundred gay republicans in congress that are in the closest…

  3. SnugglePuma says:

    Do you find it funny that all of those programs don’t even amount to 1% of the annual budget?

  4. Tracy3006 says:

    I really like all of Chuck’s videos. But this one is funniest!
    As long as I don’t think about it too much.
    Then I get mad!

    But I’m not completely uncompassionate towards those poor African men. So I will start an email campaign to send Irish Spring soap to Africa in a humanitarian effort to help keep their genitailia spruced up and ready for action. Lord knows they don’t have enough babies born in poverty now.

  5. TheCaptainQuinn says:


  6. kemicon says:

    $524,929,000 = Chuck’s cuts, nicely done sir that’s almost half a billion. very impressive.

    here’s some numbers of my own.
    $1.3 trillion = the cost of the bush tax cuts.
    profit for GE in 2010 = $14.2 billion
    amount of taxes paid by GE = $0

    Hopefully we can get the Chinese level wages and regulations people seem to want so bad in the US.

  7. amcent2 says:

    excellent vid, unfortunately only a small sampling of the wasteful practices of big gov’t.

  8. onviant says:

    With Barney Frank retiring, we won’t need the money for Vietnamese male prostitutes any more.

  9. avenqer says:

    one dislike… Soros get on here?

  10. racingpappy says:

    LMAO!!!! Go get en Chuck!!!!

  11. mrbadx19 says:

    Chuck for GOD!!!!!

  12. freedompatriot1 says:

    Great Video Ol’ Chucky boy!

  13. divermike says:

    How do you keep a straight face Chuck??? But then again how do we sheeple keep a straight face knowing but doing nothing with laughable grants like these?

  14. toddweller says:

    Save us Chuck! Run for President!

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