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Chuck Conners as the Sarge

Chuck Connors scenes from the classic Airplane 2!

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25 Responses to “Chuck Conners as the Sarge”

  1. freakofevolution says:

    What do ya say boys?! SCREW EM!!!

  2. cyanspeaker says:

    hilarious when McCrosky stubs his cigarrette out on the Sarges hand!

  3. Walpernator says:

    @crispycritterz bahaha

  4. SSJ2Trunks91 says:

    The lit cigarette didn’t cause and explosion but spitting did. Airplane! physics are better than real world physics!

  5. BrandonDerive1985 says:

    @NameCallingIsWeak it was missing Rex Kramer

  6. crispycritterz says:

    Connors didn’t die. He just decided to be Norris for a while.

  7. 100sundancepass says:

    What was the sixth category on the Jeopardy board?

  8. ryanbob1000 says:

    the dude spits and it blows up that always makes me laugh!

  9. EXRazeBurn says:

    I love how the Danger Fuel sign actually says “No spiting” next to the “No smoking”


  10. lordblazer says:

    omfg this dude is smoking near the fuel!!!

  11. NameCallingIsWeak says:

    @Douverwynn – “I like this movie better then the 1st one.” The gags and pacing are better.

  12. NameCallingIsWeak says:

    @mpontheair2 – “boys (kids) flipping´╗┐ him off” I just wish they would show us, “the boys in psychiatry”

  13. buckracer says:

    Chuck Connors is a god. Played pro baseball, basketball AND Football. Oh yeah and he befriended the Russian Secretary general during the Cold War as well. By the way, he is like THE model for Buzz Lightyear, if you didnt know that. RIP The ORIGINAL bad ass

  14. Douverwynn says:

    I like this movie better then the 1st one. Especailly the officers scene at the beginning oveur unger and dunn LOL

  15. ElxTacoxKid says:

    one of my favorite scenes, The Sarge trying to protect his coffee from the McCrosky

  16. TheFighterpilot93 says:

    drinking a cigarette lol spitts it out lolz

  17. avlisk says:

    Boston Celtics.

  18. DocVuDu says:

    It was funny till you went and spelled it out.

  19. 83survivor says:

    Chuck Conners. Who else could the Rifleman? :)

  20. TornadoWarning says:

    I agree. That’s one of my favorite parts of the movie.

  21. JFrombaugh says:

    “You’re putting everyone else on that ship in Jeopardy!”
    (cut to passengers playing Jeopardy)
    Makes me laugh every time.

  22. Robertblueeyed says:

    that’s the rifleman

  23. 83survivor says:

    A one way ticket to the funny farm! **spit**


    I love that part! So brilliantly executed. Comedies are not what they use to be.

  24. HarveyCartwright says:

    He was a good gay porn star.

  25. k0kan3 says:

    god bless him

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