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Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “CHIPS MAKE YOU FAT???”

  1. spartan12339 says:

    @mrbarron33 haha sure ;)

  2. Suffieldskating34 says:

    @parize09 ketchips

  3. ISskateboarding says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!chips make you fat!!!! lmfao

  4. mrbarron33 says:

    @spartan12339 SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and no, just eating, we’ve good boys

  5. spartan12339 says:

    @FallenRedRain Are you sure all your doing is eating it :/

  6. FallenRedRain says:

    When my boyfriend feeds me, i don’t even really like junk food but because of him i had to eat a whole quart of ice cream X.x

  7. rainpeace98 says:

    chocolate covered strawberies!

  8. sashievideos says:

    I <3 the Hunger Games:3


    short girl with giant boobs.
    i’m sorry phil.

  10. ZombieStar9 says:

    Salt and Vingear chips. I cannot stop at one. When I get a bag…it doesn’t live to see the next day. Especially if I have a test the next day.

  11. DevinePerfection says:

    watching this makes me want to eat chips….

  12. toonlinkftwlulz says:

    The internet censorship in the UK is also a bill currently a bill in America. Check it out if you care

  13. 69iambecomedeath89 says:

    @Mamcello yeah… you do!

  14. PenguinGirl809 says:


  15. Mamcello says:

    The ad on the side of the video has a drugged-looking guy and it says “SXE Phil ate my panini”
    I ..don’t understand.

  16. twilightseriesfan28 says:

    Gummy bears!!!

  17. MsPowersurge says:

    I looove sour candies!!!!

  18. sarahsoccergirl says:

    Oreo cheesecake

  19. rosytaylor621 says:

    @pranksquading isn’t that illegal to post someone’s number, seems vindictive of you to do that

  20. HomelessDragons says:

    @HomelessDragons Chips :P

  21. HomelessDragons says:

    Chocolate Cips

  22. pranksquadding says:

    Everyone take 15 seconds out of your time to call (806)-559-7699, we our pranking our friend shelby laramore, if she picks up, request a pizza. trust me, just do it.

  23. orochirubix says:

    My guilty pleasure is…..BUBBLE TEA~!!!!!!

  24. Fub4idie says:

    I love food.

    And you….. :S

  25. DesignMads says:

    I mean frosty not frost

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