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Im sure weve all been there….

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25 Responses to “Chips”

  1. ZiggyIGuess says:

    That was the most suspensful thing I’ve seen since the last time I watched this like two years ago..

  2. megannnnne says:

    @amyystoberr requiem for a dream

  3. amyystoberr says:

    whats the song you used for this ?

  4. catsarethekewlest says:

    i looked on every chip bag i saw but none of them said that

  5. csgrambauer says:

    This is why Brookers will always be one of the funniest youtubers ever!! Her creativity and humour won me over back in 2005 – even before I joined youtube. Great work always Brookers. :)

  6. ParsimoniousRhomboid says:

    Behold the power of LAYS !!!!!

  7. Moonshadowjrb1 says:


  8. xPharmTechx says:

    @jonnybigj same company different countries

  9. darrylHaughey says:

    i downloaded this on my netbook for truly free. just google “ps3 quick download” and is it the very first link. What a crazy good ps3 video game.. :)

    Just as account for by Duck and Cover, testament from a preliminary under wraps in an writ hearing held in December

  10. jonnybigj says:

    lays what a copy of walkers

  11. algautrau says:

    brookers rocks!

  12. derachne919 says:

    theme song from requiem for a dream

  13. thadbadass says:

    Her video “Chips,” a spoof suspense drama about eating potato chips, has been called “brilliant” by Entertainment Weekly, which has listed it among the “great moments in YouTube history.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me! One of the great moments in YouTube history?!? WTF?! That’s what the Wikipedia entry said, I shit you not. So naturally I had to watch this disappointing video. I had such high hopes for it! A major letdown.

  14. Chaco1982 says:

    This will always stand out as a favorite Brookers video. Well done.

  15. umcantremember says:

    you ate 2 clumped together! I swear more than 1 – 3:45

  16. warningstyle says:

    i remember when i first had an internet conexion the first videos that i watch was the videos of Brookers … seriously this girl was an obsession ! i talk to my friends about her and all these stuff !
    she will always still my n#1 ( first ) Youtube obsession !
    Brookers rocked my world back in the days !!!!!!! ( and i didn’t even talk well in english i was so young ! yeah i’m belgian )

    Love you Brookers

  17. johnspencertv says:

    The song is Requiem for A Dream.

  18. psp12345678998765432 says:


  19. kill3r2tyl3 says:

    keine hobbys ?? nice 5*

  20. spazzman90 says:

    Seriously 382k hits in 3 years? When I saw this 3 years ago, I had serious doubts as to one person ‘whipping this up’ on their home equipment. I mean, c’mon. The story, camera angles, editing, acting, music choice and even integrating the proper scenes with the different inflections of the music it is all done with excellent precision and timing. Maybe it was the luck of the draw, but I’ve seen some of her other videos and I think there is some real talent here. Particularly directing.

  21. allysallygirl12 says:


  22. SezDog says:

    whats the song?

  23. TheRobotGoddess says:

    This is brilliant . Love it !

  24. ElphieandMaureen says:


    no joke. this was great.

  25. thewoodyman1 says:


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