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China-8059 – Oriental Pearl TV Tower

China-8059 – Oriental Pearl Television Tower

Image by archer10 (Dennis)
Oriental Pearl Television Tower, Shanghai, China

The Oriental Pearl Television Tower. This 468 meters high (1,536 feet) tower is the world’s third tallest Television and radio tower surpassed in height only by towers in Toronto, Canada and Moscow, Russia. Nonetheless, even much more alluring than its height is the tower’s unique architectural style that makes the Oriental Pearl Television Tower 1 of the most appealing locations anywhere.
Thanks to every person for your thoughts and wishes at this time as I approach a main battle in my life (I feel). I will say whatever occurs I have had a full and amazing life and have no regrets, I am a quite lucky man. Have a great day and maintain smiling.

I do hope you will all fully grasp if I do not post a lot of photos or I quit for days at a time but I will attempt to keep you informed. I am also running out of photos LOL.

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127 Responses to “China-8059 – Oriental Pearl TV Tower”

  1. A Moment of Magic says:

    Beautifully captured!

    Excellent shot.
    A 2 Z Member Choice !

    I have seen it on All From A To Z .
    Comment posted with GratePic.

  2. jaurtorq... says:

    Spetacular image…

  3. alfonso-tm says:

    Magnifica nocturna

  4. mikazu001Busy met piekeren says:

    Hermosa composición.
    Es una fantástica imagen!
    happy weekend, Dennis!

  5. FoNgEtZ says:

    One of your best nightscapes Dennis.

  6. cre8ive-M(mostly away this weekend) says:

    wonderful night shot!!
    have a great weekend!!

  7. Dr. Ilia says:

    "Flickr NumberOne";
    You too join this group !!!!!
    *(Post 1 Award 1)*
    Great Shot !!!

  8. ♥ Katie ann says:

    WOW, You Truely are Talented Dennis and
    we would Love you to Join and be honoured if you would add this amazing shot to the group.

    I Think Your Image has the
    ……..‘WOW Factor’..……
    and I personally Invite you to


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  9. turtlemom4bacon says:

    This has to be the only TV Tower that looks elegant!
    You just take care of yourself, Dennis :)
    Keep thinking positive!

  10. Victoria.....a secas. says:

    Excellent nightshot, happy saturday.

  11. Hasheed(On/Off) says:

    Excellent night shot !!

  12. T i s d a l e says:

    Fantastic Exposure. Wonderful Shot Dennis.

  13. melo99e [Picturesque Pilipinas!] says:

    perfect exposure!!!

  14. Orthoheen says:

    Excellent shot !!

  15. photography.andreas says:

    Simply amazing…great colors and lights ;-)

  16. Heniusia says:

    Fantastic shot!! The lights are incredible, love that view!!!!

    Happy weekend dear Dennis!

  17. Carlos Vieira - says:

    Fantastic picture thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend.

  18. GlobeTrotter 2000 says:


  19. picolojojo says:

    Great image,,, Fatastique,,,,
    Happy week end Dennis & keep smilling !!!!!!!

  20. SergeK  says:

    bravo bravo beautiful

  21. jegoble says:

    Marvelous night shot.

  22. green_lover says:

    Beautiful night photo! :)
    You’re fantastic person Dennis… Take care!

  23. enrique mendez says:

    great nightshot

  24. serena/kuhar off says:

    Excellent night shot!

  25. Vesuvianite says:

    Super shot Dennis. Keep positive.

  26. coulportste says:

    a fine shot

  27. linnyfal says:

    Pictures or not, you will be remaining in my thoughts. In the very short time I have been on flickr, you quickly became my favorite photographer. I have been wowed by every one of your shots. Be well my friend and do keep us informed when you are up to it.
    This shot captured some amazing and most unusual architecture. Bravo!

  28. Mystic Pekoe[off for a while] says:

    Lovely shot!

  29. Silva_D says:

    So perfect!

  30. Jennifer Polson Photography says:

    Gorgeous Dennis! You’re so lucky to have traveled to such amazing countries!! Well done!

  31. Wonjune Lee says:

    beatiful night scene,superb capture!!!

  32. Wim Koopman says:

    grand night view….grand night shot…

  33. peregrin@ says:

    I hope you’re well, and I wish you lots of courage

  34. Y U N A says:

    Nice shot .

  35. Áramy says:

    Bellisima toma nocturna!!!

  36. Áramy says:

    Feliz fin de semana!!!

  37. sєcяєt ί ღ says:

    wonderful catch dennis
    hope ur doin well

  38. viorela5 says:

    Fantastic night!!!!!!!
    Big hug,…Vio

  39. kamomebird says:

    Great night view !
    Nice shot, Dennis !!

  40. ToBNot2B says:


  41. Carhove says:

    Fantastica nocturna Dennis.Gran toma!

  42. pepstar27 says:

    Magnificent photo, Dennis. One of your finest. Artistic, sleek, colorful, fine art! Amazing!

  43. tutincommon says:

    Excellent night shot.

  44. meghimeg says:


  45. .:Dark.Live:. says:

    Wonderful capture :D

  46. maorlando says:

    It truly is amazing… fantastic night capture!!!
    My prayers are with you and all who surround
    you!!!! Hugs from Texas!!!
    Remember Dennis: "With men this is impossible;
    but with God all things are possible." St. Matther 19:29
    (This verse was repeated not just once but two other
    times in the gospels… it is one I cling to in my battles!!)

  47. Gemelo. says:


  48. champbass2 says:

    Beautiful shot Dennis. You continue to be in my prayers!

  49. `^Ashepsut^` says:

    Great night shot!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

  50. Fabri MasterChief says:

    Beautiful night capture!

  51. pamelas26 says:

    Wonderful night capture!! Is there a place you haven’t visiting on the globe?! My thoughts and prayers are with you – this sounds quite serious. Please keep us informed Dennis ~

  52. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷD@2011Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says:

    Brilliant Composition & night shot. Have a great weekend

  53. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷD@2011Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says:

    Just read what is above!! Hope You become OKay my dear Dennis. All my prayers & love

  54. syish adam says:

    great night scene~

  55. Sandra Leidholdt says:

    Brilliant work, Dennis!

    I am hoping for the best!

  56. Del Rosario says:

    Magnifico angulo y encuadre,muy buena nocturna.

    Saludos Archer

  57. FELINOS46 says:

    Wow … excellent night photo. Wonderful scenery.
    Love the perspective, the colors and water reflections.
    Congratulations my friend Dennis, have a nice weekend!

  58. Arsyad Abiyoga says:

    fantastic shot my friend !!
    have a great weekend there :D

  59. Learning Junkie (Trying to catch up) says:

    This is fantastic!

  60. Hloipapa says:


  61. jsr4 says:

    very elegant nighttime shot! beautifully done,as usual! i enjoy your work so very much,dennis. thinking of you! :)

  62. pepebarambio says:


  63. osvaldoeaf says:

    Wow, looks so majestic…great shot!

  64. kweaver2 says:

    Beautiful night shot Dennis! That tower is magnificent!
    Praying that all turns out well for you.

  65. hammyham says:

    Beautiful capture Dennis. You are one of my favorite photographers, a real artist in every way.

  66. jade2k says:

    Beautiful night shot, Dennis!!!!

  67. Fred Matos says:

    Wonderful, Dennis

  68. The Gifted Photographer says:

    This is a real visual knockout …. color, composition and clarity!

  69. Peʞkαs ♥ © says:

    woww es bellísima !

  70. Spangles44 blink again for interesting images says:

    super night capture – wow it’s just amazing

  71. eu, meu outro says:

    Nice, my friend

  72. ToJoLa says:

    fabulous nightshot, wonderful city lights, excellent job
    Have a wonderful sunday

  73. Elena Kovalevich says:

    Super night shot!

  74. mizan♫ says:

    Coolpix. Finepix.
    Powershot. Sureshot.

  75. △Mantas Photography says:


  76. su-sa-ni-ta says:

    WOW espectacular vista !

  77. MTakens Follow my project 365 on Twitter @ TakensM says:

    Fantastic photo Dennis , great clarity and details !

  78. fromky says:

    Incredibly attractive night scene.

  79. travelhaha says:

    Beautiful night shot^^
    Hope you all the best,support you,my friend^^

  80. UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO : WORLD : SENSE ] says:

    Stunning composition of this world-famous landmark my friend! Wishing you health all the way! Happy Travels, ALWAYS and keep smiling and posting! My warmest Greetings!!

  81. Vivie327864 says:


  82. Greg Lilly Photos says:

    Fabulous night scene Dennis!!!!!

  83. 1crzqbn says:

    wonderful compo and light capture Dennis!

  84. fameleaf says:

    lovely night shot!

  85. wRItinG is eLLyN is wRItinG says:

    what a surreal night skyline, Dennis – great shot!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

  86. {{Kim}} says:

    awesome dennis – wonderful night capture!!!

  87. Dave the Haligonian says:

    Incredible shot Dennis!!


    Oh wow! What a shot! Great capture Dennis! Excellent!

  89. DianneM. says:

    Work of art shot,Dennis.Have a super weekend,and of all my Flickr,family,friends,contacts,and members,i think your photos are the best.You’ll be in my thoughts,and my prayers.If you can keep us inform,and if you can’t,i’ll understand.Good luck my friend,and God Bless.♥

  90. mississaugapictures says:

    Love the shots

  91. Colorado Sands says:

    Wonderful shot, Dennis!
    I am thinking of you so much right now!

  92. 熊.陈美芬.Phan Ly Photography.On/Off says:

    Great capture

  93. .Giovas. says:

    Wow!… this is amazing my friend! Very very nice! :D Have a nice day!

  94. dorelchis says:

    Excellent nightshot,my friend! Have a nice Sunday!

  95. Deybliss says:

    amazing night shot ! love the processing ! excellent work :)

  96. 蔣貝貝 says:


  97. IX FE says:

    Great job Dennis! Love the warm glow in the water! Well done!

  98. peregrin@ says:

    great night shot

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  99. Shertila Tony says:

    wonderful night shot a perfect capture

    Thinking of you on this side of the pond
    our thoughts always with you
    some one keeps saying keep smiling

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  100. XPAT-Polska says:

    Excellent exposure.

  101. anacer says:

    Wonderful view and light!!

  102. berichard1946 says:

    Très belle photo

    Je suis sur qu’on en verra d’autres aussi belles de ta part longtemps

    Bonne chance

  103. {deepapraveen very busy with work..back soon says:

    Wonderful capture.

  104. TrotlineDesigns (Ronald Joseph) says:

    WOW this is great. The angles and colors are amazing

  105. -RejiK says:

    amazing night capture.. lovely frame

  106. dubbelt_halvslag says:

    Superb night shot!

  107. Thomas Michel says:

    Thanks to share this wonderful capture with us

  108. Jean-François Chamberlan says:

    Terrific shot !!!

  109. flipkeat says:

    simply an awesome night shot of this skyline! This one ROCKS :)

  110. flipkeat says:

    simply an awesome night shot of this skyline! This one ROCKS :) LOL@the old point and shoot..can’t beat ‘em can ya? lol Love that about this photo Dennis..It’s the old’s the person who makes great pics..not the camera…You can compose a shot with any camera..Well done.

  111. jim_tidd says:

    Beautiful night shot. Shanghai is beautiful.

  112. smittyguy7 says:

    That is a beautiful tower and great feat of architecture!!!!

  113. Sgiaffa says:

    Wonderful, I did the same some years ago!

  114. itsmepete says:

    spectacular shot Dennis,
    best wishes for the future mate

  115. Roofer 1 says:

    Wonderful picture Dennis!

  116. geby, says:

    Beautiful night shot!

  117. prdsra9 says:

    Compliments, I like it; Please add this photo to
    "as beautiful as you want" group

  118. ✿LEA✿ (Away For A While) says:

    What a nice TV Tower and night picture !!!!

  119. zaahr says:

    Great night shot, my friend! Excellent framing!

  120. says:

    Fantastica !!!
    un saludo y buena semana

  121. Damiano_cipoClick [OFF] says:

    super !

  122. sofarsocute (busy on♫youtube ♪ says:

    Spectacular !
    How high can they go ???
    Excellent photography as usual

  123. pavonne says:

    This is beautiful!

  124. Social Geographic says:

    Stunning cityscape! Thank you for posting,

  125. erikomoket says:

    A beautiful night shot….! Dennis.
    have a good days.

  126. eleda 1 says:

    beautiful light

  127. Sweet witch says:

    Fanstatic place an awesome nigjht shot! What is happening to you dear friend? I’m worried …are you fine??? Let me have your news!!! Kisses! Anna

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