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Chevy Chase’s Spectacularly Poor 1993 Talk Show

This 1993 clip is from the debut episode of Chevy Chase’s legendarily disastrous late-night speak show. The guest is Goldie Hawn. Prepare yourself for 1 of the greatest train wrecks in the history of television. More particulars here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Chevy Chase’s Spectacularly Poor 1993 Talk Show”

  1. BigBlockAddict says:

    Back then i thought Chevy Chase + Talk show = Bliss :( How wrong we were back then……….

  2. ManilaSyndicate says:

    Goldie was really attractive then. She could have dressed more appropriately for the occasion though.

    The show’s pretty bad indeed. What makes it more amusing is Chevy seems to be oblivious to it. ( heh )

  3. beachbaby2731 says:

    SO awkward!!!

  4. dogeymon83 says:

    Pause the video at 0:53 and you’ll see people’s reaction to this show when it aired.

  5. dogeymon83 says:

    Can I buy seasons of this show on DVD??

  6. YourDailyLaughz says:

    Oh god this is cringeworthy.

  7. TheHockeyCentral says:

    Thumbs up if, while watching this clip, all you’re thinking about was how smoking hot Goldie was back then.

  8. kevlar3000 says:

    @fuzzywzhe Magic Johnson show ?

  9. XDanSoloX says:

    @rubberperson Me too!

  10. Dylanquinn666 says:

    @rubberperson that is exactly what I’ve just done :P

  11. bijibadness says:

    dude, when they started burning a wall of shame hit me unlike any other i’ve ever experienced. i was instantly ashamed to be born when this was filmed. i was ashamed to have seen a movie with chevy chase in it. i was ashamed to be white. i was ashamed that my species let this go on for even six weeks. my face is as red as a fucking fire hydrant man. will this ever stop?? SIX HOURS LATER EDIT: sadly no, i’ll never live this down.

  12. hamletmiss says:

    If we truly hate Chevy Chase and this show, why are we bothering to blog? Just to vent? Nobody said we have to watch this.

  13. 5185389 says:

    @rubberperson same here :D :D

  14. em23 says:

    @sparkles13 because ron jeremy would have fucked it up like everything else. fucked it up get it? IM HERE ALL WEEK FOLKS!

  15. fuzzywzhe says:

    @doug1963a I remember when the Chevy Chase show came out – nothing was worse.

  16. alinkyng says:

    @shihadrocker yay family guy, lol

  17. CreamedCheesed says:

    wow, someone had to make both of those cakes …

  18. doug1963a says:

    That wasn’t so terrible. I’m sure there must have been worse moments than this if the thing got cancelled in 5 weeks, but Jimmy Fallon was more terrible than this.

  19. nativewizard says:

    only heard about this cause on the old simpsons road rage video game when krusty gets a fast trip in the game he says “man that ride was over faster then chevy chase’s talk show!”

  20. shihadrocker says:

    hahaha im only searching this cos i just say the cake drop on family guy

  21. forman1200 says:

    I am laughing so much at that guy handicapped by the giant cake. This show is so bad.

  22. sparkles13 says:

    This makes me wonder why they never gave Ron Jeremy his own talk show

  23. harleyplummer says:

    @rubberperson that ones on right now:)

  24. PSNelibeerbelly says:


  25. swangle says:

    @rubberperson Me too!!! That’s so crazy!!! Also, you spelled “minute” incorrectly.

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