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Chelsea Lately: Soap Opera Extinction

Chelsea shares her concern about the recent cancellations of various soap operas. Plus, find out why she loves the dramatic storylines!
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25 Responses to “Chelsea Lately: Soap Opera Extinction”

  1. shaniali says:


    To Kristen’s defence, it wasn’t her best performance

  2. peacebre says:

    America’s genocide. 1952-79: 70000 Iranians killed 1954: 120000 Guatemalans killed 1954-1975: 4000000 Vietnamese killed 1965: 3000 Dominican Republicans killed 1965: 800000 Indonesians killed 1973: 30000 Chileans killed 1975: 250000 East Timorese killed 1970s: 1000000 Angolans killed 1984: 30000 Nicaraguans killed 1980s: 80000 El Salvadoreans killed 1989: 8000 Panamanians killed 1991: 1000000 Iraqis killed, including 500000 children…

  3. forsaken707 says:

    What A Long List…18 LOL…Poor Starr

  4. ignitethelight240 says:

    I love Chelsea :D she’s makes me laughh alot .

    For those hating back off. Everyone these days are judging people. Cant you just keep those OPINIONS to yourself?!?!?!

  5. GenXorcist1976 says:

    I didn’t laugh once. People think this woman is funny? She’s a vulgar, crass, and no-talent hack.

  6. MrKnowles11 says:

    i LOOOOOVE Chelsea Handler! I need my CHelsea Lately fix OFTEN! She’s such a refreshing change from other late night talk shows (and daytime for that matter). She says stuff that makes you go “wait, WHAT?!” LMAO

  7. zoperxplex says:

    She sucks, plus she is a whore skank.

  8. augustrm721 says:

    “what… a long ass list!” lmao

  9. adelgado75 says:

    Soap operas are written so that if someone happens to tune in after a long time or a new viewer they can right into the storyline because one of the characters gives a run down on what happened. I wonder if she really likes soap operas?

  10. pandabear102699 says:

    Throw her a bone,haha! Were waiting for that Chelsea!

  11. JACKKAILEY says:

    acting lessons much Nic?!?!?!?!

  12. yadayadayadabla says:

    And to think that list is pretty short compared to the older characters XD

  13. 919mrcoco says:

    Nic needs acting lessons!!!!

  14. EtniesBoy13 says:

    ugh. i miss as the world turns. definitely NOT as bad as one life to live

  15. idicula1979 says:

    I especially like the shows were you can see her boobies.

  16. TWfallout says:

    @leeleelayla5 I don’t watch general hospital and I’ve hard Jessie girl but I did not know he sung it I did not mean to offend anyone (this is my second post because I misspelled in my first one and removed it)

  17. leeleelayla5 says:

    i love they did my starrjam/jarr. and just love love love chelsea handler

  18. leeleelayla5 says:

    @TWfallout really are you fucking kidding me hello singer/actor rick springfield noah drake/ eli love form gerenal hospital.he played noah drake 1981-83 &2005-07 & 08 and played eli love back in 07 & 08 he was on californication back in 2009 and have you ever heard the 1981 # 1 pop single jessie girl. sorry if i sound mean it just i love the song jessie girl and loved him back on gh and just wish he come back

  19. candisdelicate says:

    HAHAHAHA. I stopped watching One Life to Live several years ago. I watched it when I was growing up and all through my teen years until I discovered real shows with real acting, haha.

  20. candisdelicate says:

    @TWfallout Are you kidding me?

  21. PopCulture20 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and this is why I stopped watching OLTL , & All My Children back in 2007. I was just waiting on someone like Chelsea to address how moronic soaps are getting. The female character in this clip isn’t even over 21 yet to have all of that drama in her life lol

  22. NDGuy11 says:

    WHAAAT a long as list! This show sounds ridiculous!
    Hey, buddy, why don’t you throw that girl a boner?!

  23. daccord1 says:

    omg xD Starr and James lol
    Hearing him say that list without knowing the backstory juts sounds soooooo…
    sad haha sounds like a joke but yea, I love OLTL, been watching it since I was 8 =]

  24. niaici says:

    I don’t know why people don’t watch. LOL, Chelsea is too funny. That short clip had me cringing. Soaps are cheesy. The writing and acting is embarrassing a lot of the time.

  25. 197335tina says:

    I love Starr/James on OLTL. I thought this was funny as hell. I think Nic Robuck is very talented along with Kristen Alderson. At any rate It gave my favorite couple some exposure. So its all good with me.

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