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Charles Nelson Reilly Host Match Game?!?!

What happens when Charles Nelson Reilly gets a tired Gene Rayburn mad? Well Charles takes over the hosting duties.

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25 Responses to “Charles Nelson Reilly Host Match Game?!?!”

  1. tpirfan2004 says:

    3:12 – Gene: With the big…..(pause)…big yellow sweater….LMAO! I knew Gene was just like Bob Barker!

  2. sleepybrownbear says:

    I wonder if a host could get away with complimenting a contestant on her “sweater” today?

  3. Andrey1258 says:

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  4. resdsox1 says:

    R.I.P Charles Nelson Reilly, Gene Rayburn, Brett Somers, & McLean Stevenson

  5. JWROWE3 says:

    Who’s the Bart guy?

  6. temprise says:

    After watching this, I can do soooo many impersonations that no one from my generation will get! :D:( …. :|

  7. audiolabguy says:

    sheer awesomeness!!!!! Thanks

  8. renaultlover1 says:

    that’s dun dun from canonball run

  9. nauris706 says:


  10. futuremrsjimmypage says:

    @animefreak991 “Giddyup, Gene!” lmao!

  11. tyjeffries says:

    @sudaev yes.. I am a ‘homo’ and a drag queen and proud of both.


  12. sudaev says:

    @tyjeffries – LOL that’s the type of nutty response I’d expect from a depraved lunatic homosexual. Look at this character’s profile, folks – he’s a drag queen.

    As to my original post, I was referring to entertainment homos in general.

  13. tyjeffries says:

    @sudaev you sound like a real bore. Eva Gabor wasn’t a ‘homo’ you moron as for the others I never saw them in the act… did you?. if you dont like it why the hell are you watching it? I’d love to see YOU try to entertain anyone.
    What a pathetic looser you must be.
    please do us all a favour and just shoot yourself.

  14. fmcambo6251 says:

    lmao 5:15 BART??

  15. robertwalters says:

    “He’ll melt your face with his laser beam eyes! Oh yeah!”

  16. Wetherluver123 says:

    @darrylhaynes Bart is still alive.

  17. maxpowers518 says:

    He did the voice of King Llort in the 1993 animated feature A Troll in Central Park. If you haven’t seen A Troll in Central Park…you must. It is like looking into the face of God and seeing Him smiling back and saying, “You are my most wondrous creation.”

  18. Dodgerfn5 says:

    Interestingly enough, Charles would later host his own game show “Sweethearts” in 1988 which was a big flop.

  19. MacGrurry says:

    they gotta put this on DVD! i would watch it for hours and i never even liked this show

  20. kahlilnelson says:

    “. . . .and go over there and ask Eva Gabor what her answer is.” :-)

  21. darrylhaynes says:

    only marcia is still alive…..

  22. maclasch says:

    Thanks, I didn’t know that. And yes, I do take issue to being ogled by strange men. Back then, women were still looked at as objects. If you think that I have issues, that’s your problem. Maybe you should examine your own sexist, old-fashioned views.

  23. Nemesis7293 says:

    First of all, the “woman in the blue dress” is the great comic actress Marcia Wallace of “The Bob Newhart Show” and “The Simpsons”. Second of all, I think somebody has some issues with men………..hmmm?

  24. crispycrab says:

    Holy shit, those glasses would have been sooo popular the almost three years!! haha

  25. RideEmCowboy7861 says:

    “With the big… yellow sweater.”


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