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Celebrity Jeapordy~ouran high school host club.

The ouran characters play a game at Haruhi’s expense. ((Disclaimer: i do not own Ouran high school host club or the audio used in this video )) Thanks to Hikamitz for inspirirng me. ^.^V
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Celebrity Jeapordy~ouran high school host club.”

  1. theHedgex1 says:

    anal bum cover xp

  2. sparklingbluelight says:

    this is amazing =D

  3. KoopaKontroller says:

    Was this off of an SNL? It’s pretty good lol. XD

  4. 4everasinger286 says:


    Kyoya as Sean Connery was so freakin HILARIOUS! especially when he said: “….i can’t remember how it ends, but your mother’s a whore!” and “anal bum cover!” ROFL

  5. Neopetixan says:


  6. pandawuver020 says:

    @ang5523 Nope, just quoting Kyoya XP

  7. ang5523 says:

    @pandawuver020 Do u know how it ends?

  8. pandawuver020 says:

    I don’t remember how it ends, but your mother’s a whore. XD

  9. UsagiRingo43 says:

    Too effin funny!!! Have to show this to a friend, LOL!!!

  10. starsanimemusic says:

    LMAO!!! that was hilarious….

  11. ahmadzai140 says:

    for the love of god shut your mouth!

  12. RenounceSoulEater says:

    i LOVE Kyouya!

  13. robynravenclaw says:

    Kyoya as Sean Connery is absolute genius! Too funny!

  14. Takari02 says:

    This one was the best celebrity jeopardy video I’ve seen! so funny

  15. otakulord07 says:

    “…………………..” i was speachless becuse i thought this was 1 of the best fit amvs ever made in existance b.t.w anal bum cover……… naaaaaaaaa…. i wont dignafy that with a answer…. X-D LOL!!!!!!

  16. RadicalDreamer17 says:

    AH ah !!! XD Tamaki is annoying and retarded, Kyouya is a pervert and Renge… well it fits her. This is hilarious ! Good choice with Haruhi too !

  17. TDIVfanatic says:

    Wow…..what IS a anal bum cover?!?!!?

  18. TDIVfanatic says:

    Laugh Out Loud Hilarious!!!!Two Thumbs Up!!!PARTY-ON!!!

  19. TDIVfanatic says:

    MAN FUNNY!!!!! Kyoya is (and always be)MY DUDE!!!PARTY-ON!!!!

  20. FunXYuri says:

    lol xD Im glad I watched this.

  21. LOZnerd says:

    anal bum cover… lol

  22. Gviruszombies says:

    they never pick Potent Potables. out of all the celebrity jeapordies that i’ve seen ( before the video’s be came UNAVAILBLE)
    they NEVER pick Potent Potables

  23. Daggersanctuary says:

    the rabbit^^

    It was hard!

  24. FuuMayChaN says:

    fucking AWESOME!!! *0*!! really good AMV!! xDD

  25. leelee316 says:

    Why don’t you Do Price is Right With Ouran High Just Type in Price is Right MadTV

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