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CBS’s ‘Give-N-Take’ with Jim Lange tribute, “The Red Arrow”

This video collage that I made is from the game show, “Give-N-Take” that aired on CBS from September 8, 1975 to November 28, 1975. The host was Jim Lange. The first 8 pictures are from the actual game show. The rest are pictures of Jim Lange. The theme song is called “The Red Arrow” by Stan Worth. The show’s status is unknown, and rumored that all 60 episodes are completely destroyed. But being the fact that CBS stopped wiping game shows after 1972, it is a possibility that the show might be lost or misplaced. One episode exists on the trading circuit, in very poor condition.
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10 Responses to “CBS’s ‘Give-N-Take’ with Jim Lange tribute, “The Red Arrow””

  1. gshowguy says:

    @frankd1965 Holy… I live in Sonoma County…

  2. tvtimetravel says:

    I first knew Jim Lange as host of the local Bay Area kids game show, “California Countdown” on KGO-TV, when I lived up there.

  3. secondchance1977 says:

    Yes, but CBS didnt wipe much of their shows and basically gave up wiping in the late 60s early 70s. This was 1975 and other CBS shows from that time exist, so I dont see why this dosnt.

  4. frankd1965 says:

    Jim Lange was a disc jockey on KSFO Magic 61 and KABL in San Francisco and KMPC in Los Angeles. he is now retired and living in Sonoma County.

  5. frankd1965 says:

    a lot of the shows that were taped were unfortunatly “wiped” lingo for erased.

  6. secondchance1977 says:

    Or :32.

  7. secondchance1977 says:

    I know where you got 18 to 48, but the one at 35 isnt on the website you got it from.

  8. Stratman78 says:

    From 0:18 to 0:48, I can’t remember where I found them for I have been trying to retrace my website visits. However, the first two and the last “Give-N-Take” photos I can find.

  9. BlackwoodCompany says:

    They are mostly from the only available episode.

  10. secondchance1977 says:

    Where did you find the picture at 0:35?

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