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CBS Make Room for Daddy-Danny Thomas Show 1959

For a lot more Television History visit This 1959 episode featured guests Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. They were the bosses, as it was a Desilu Production for CBS. This is the syndicated version referred to as “Make Room for Daddy.

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8 Responses to “CBS Make Room for Daddy-Danny Thomas Show 1959”

  1. calimar28 says:

    What a short comendy show. The advertisers must of loved it!

  2. ddbjg says:

    i love this video

  3. mseti1 says:

    Great !! Do you have the part with Lucy? I would love to see it.

  4. jeprice08 says:

    1:33 I just thought of an idea! Why don’t Danny, at that moment, end the show by saying, “Why don’t we play it be ear, then that way when somebody walks in, they won’t know the difference!”

  5. mavivirgie says:


  6. picniconmars says:

    Please help an elderly Italian trying to trace videos of a tv series I used to watch in Italy in the years ’55-56,(about).In italian they called it”Mio padre il signor preside” (free translation-My dad the school director…Thank you

  7. bigred997 says:

    somebody was wearing lifts there, because Desi was supposed to be 5’11″ and Danny looked almost shoulder to should with him.

  8. fromthesidelines says:

    Actually, Danny was his own “boss”- his series was produced by his “Marterto Enterprises” (an amalgam of his kids’ names) company; Desilu was the facilities he filmed at [and he shared a long friendship with Desi Arnaz and Lucy as well]. This episode was a “sequel” to Danny and his cast’s December 1958 appearance on “THE WESTINGHOUSE LUCILLE BALL-DESI ARNAZ SHOW” {“THE LUCY-DESI COMEDY HOUR”} episode, as the “Ricardos” visit Danny and his family in New York- and Lucy screws things up again.

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