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Samsung PN43D450 43-Inch 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV (Black)

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Anna Politkovskaya on Television, Tokyo, Japan

Image by nofrills
Off Tv screen, NHK morning news, at about 7.30 am Sunday 8 October 2006, Tokyo, Japan.

The news was about the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, a prominent investigative journalist in Russia who has been reporting on the war in Chechenya.

from the BBC:
Chechen war reporter discovered dead

I’ve read her books and articles, in Japanese and English. I just do not know what to say. She got bullets for what she wrote? What a fantastic world.

Turkcell MobilTV

Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.~~Turkcell MobilTV, iPhone’unuzdan ya da iPad’inizden televizyon izleyebilmenizi ve zengin video arşivinden dilediğinizi seçerek izleyebilmenizi sağlayan Turkcell servisidir.

Turkcell MobilTV iPhone & iPad Uygulaması ile veri bağlantı ücreti ödemeden,- Haber, Finans, Spor ve Eğlence kanallarını canlı olarak izleyebilir,- Digiturk 18+ paketi kapsamındaki sıcak yayınları izleyebilir,- Tv kanallarının detaylı yayın akışını öğrenebilir, izlemek istediğiniz programlar için cep telefonunuza hatırlatma mesajı gelmesini sağlayabilirsiniz.Turkcell MobilTV Aylık Standart Paketi KDV ve ÖİV dahil 9,90 TL, Günlük Standart Paket KDV ve ÖİV dahil two TL’dir. 19 kanal içeren MobilTV Standart Paketini aylık olarak aldığınızda MobilTV DIGITURK paketi size ücretsiz olarak Turkcell’den hediye edilir.Önemli hususlar:* Uygulamanın Turkcell şebekesi (EDGE/3G) üzerinden kullanımı sırasında veri (information) bağlantısı ÜCRETSİZDİR.* iPhone & iPad MobilTV Servisinden, iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPad sahibi ve 3G abonesi olan Turkcell’liler yararlanabilir.* Aylık paketler dönem sonunda otomatik olarak yenilenir. Günlük paketler 24 saat sonunda sona erer.* Turkcell MobilTV Uygulamasını sadece Türkiye’de yaşayan Turkcell aboneleri kullanabilmektedir.Wi-Fi’da iken uygulamanın başında sorgulanan lokasyon bilgisi bu kontrol içindir.* Yayın kalitesi açılıştan bir müddet sonra bağlantı hızına göre otomatik olarak ayarlanmaktadır.* iPhone & iPad MobilTV Paketleri, iPhone ve iPad dışındaki diğer cihazlarda kullanılamaz.* Mobil yayın hakları doğrultusunda yayın kuruluşlarının talebi ile Television kanallarında karartma uygulanabilir.* iPhone MobilTV paketiniz varsa iPad’inizle 3G üzerinden bağlantıda, WebŞifrenizi girerek ek bir ücret ödemeden Tv izleyebilirsiniz.* Ayarlar (settings) altından bildirimler (notifications) özelliği MobilTV için ON (açık) konuma getirilerek uygulama tarafından gönderilen tanıtım/bilgilendirme amaçlı mesajlar alınabilir.Aylık paketlerde kullanım limiti aylık 60 saat, günlük paketlerde kullanım limiti günlük 8 saattir. Paketlerde limiti aşan tüm kullanımlar dakika başı KDV ve ÖİV dahil 13 kuruş olarak ücretlendirilir.Uygulamayı kablosuz world wide web (Wi-Fi) ağı üzerinden kullanmanız durumunda uygulama sizden otomatik olarak WebŞifre isteyecektir.——–Turkcell Mobile Tv iPhone App is a new Turkcell application which allows you to watch 26 television channels alive on your iPhone. The application also has the video on demand feature which provides you to choose from a huge choice of on demand videos and watch on your iPhone. You can also set reminder for the start off time of your favourite television programs.You can turn on the notification feature under the Settings menu in order to get data and promotion messages from Turkcell Mobile Television.The application is only accessible for Turkcell 3G clients and the data targeted traffic is totally free of charge on Turkcell’s cellular network.The application is compatible with three.2 and upper software versions and can be utilized via EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi connection. If you are connected to the world wide web by way of a Wi-Fi connection, application asks WebSifre.

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Toshiba 19SLV411U 19-Inch 720p 60 Hz LED HDTV with Built-in DVD Player, Black

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Nuestra nueva Televisión

Image by valderrama
Nuestra nueva televisión que nos ha regalado la tia Loli de Yasmina.

Samsung de 32&quot TFT

WSAZ Mobile Neighborhood News

doapp, inc~~The Charleston/Huntington, West Virginia news encounter you’ve been waiting for is lastly here! Catch the most recent news, sports and weather wherever you go with the WSAZ Mobile Neighborhood News application. Mobile Neighborhood News takes the very best functions from the WSAZ newscast and Internet website and rolls them into a mobile encounter that is a ought to on your iPhone and iPod touch. It makes viewing and sharing the news easy. With a couple of easy actions, you can read and watch the latest news or share it with household and pals by e-mail, text message and even post to Twitter or Facebook. Regardless of whether it’s severe weather, the newest sports scores or learning you are a lottery winner by viewing the newest numbers, the WSAZ Mobile Local News application keeps you in-the-know whilst you’re on-the-go. The WSAZ Mobile Local News application includes: Local NewsWeather Business News Sports NewsEntertainment Characteristics -Actual-time weather radar images-Severe weather alerts -Geo-location based weather -Lottery numbers and horoscopes-Intuitive, patent-pending navigation -Simple news sharing by e-mail, text message and post to Twitter and Facebook. Developed and developed in partnership with DoApp, Inc., finest in class in mobile telephone development, and Inergize Digital, the media industry’s leading provider of content management solutions, Internet sites and interactive technologies for tv stations and other media firms, the Mobile Neighborhood News application makes it effortless for media firms to distribute news and details to the mobile masses. Languages English Requirements iPhone or iPod touch

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The Mythology of Supernatural: The Signs and Symbols Behind the Well-known Television Show

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Safe Journey

Image by Gandalf.
The End of Battlestar Galactica. 1 of the best television shows, Ever!

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Marquee Moon (Dig)

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Forgotten television

Image by autowitch
Television left out on the prairie.


Mobile Roadie~~アイドルグループ「アイドリング!!!」の公式アプリ。最新ニュースやプロフィール、ディスコグラフィーはもちろん、他では見られないオフショト満載の「PHOTO」をはじめ次々にコンテンツを充実させて行きます。今後さらに楽曲やPVの試聴コンテンツも追加していく予定です。アイドルとして現在進行形で成長する女の子達が、一人前となるべく経験を積んでいく「ならし運転(=アイドリング)」の番組「アイドリング!!!」は地上波フジテレビ系列をはじめ、CS放送、フジテレビオンデマンドでも放送&配信中!!!

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Sesame Street Oscar The Grouch Cartoon Tv Show Hinge Wallet

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When Sculls Go Poor

Image by moonShadows7
A Tv show is shooting a premier episode in Washington DC, and 1 of the scenes entails a scull exploding on the Potomac river. The scene took 6 hours to film, which includes 2 hours of stock footage shots and obtaining the scene with live folks. Then, from about noon on, they towed a scull out with a dummy in it, anchored it to the bottom, and proceded to attempt to get it to explode. Two tries, no explosion. The effects team took off for about 1/2 an hour, and then came back. Third time is a charm!

Sharp IFA 2010

RealityMaker~~Sharp shows the way: Virtual stand tour with the Sharp IFA iPhone/iPad Guide for IFA 2010 in Berlin Japanese technologies group Sharp is presenting a virtual tour of its stand at the world’s greatest consumer electronics show, the IFA in Berlin. The application focuses on helping visitors find their way by means of the exhibition site and the Sharp stand. These attributes are supplemented by a collection of Sharp item highlights, background information on the most recent technologies and intriguing links.The Sharp IFA Guide contains a internet site map for the iPhone or iPad, so that visitors can effortlessly acquire a general picture of where to uncover every little thing at the IFA. The “Booth” section contains a detailed map of the Sharp stand, a public space covering 800 square metres with two entrances. Several additional stand views show the diverse product areas, enabling users to uncover their way merely and directly to specifically where they want to go.Sharp also uses the application to present the highlights of the AQUOS LCD Television line-up 2010, with Quattron 3D technologies or AQUOS Net Plus and other products. The application also contains links for easy navigation to the Sharp site and all Sharp social media profiles, from Facebook, via Twitter to YouTube.On these sites, journalists have the opportunity to access the Sharp IFA press kit directly on the web.

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VIZIO XVT323SV 32-Inch Full HD 1080p LED LCD HDTV with VIA Internet Application, Black

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Image by Lost Archetype
I was bored and started taking pictures of my TV-screen.
This one came out quite nice.


Yasuko Shikiuchi~~From the WEB pages such as transfer guidance TV cards, “TIMECLIP” gather up the time and contents and make a list. I e-mail a list or you can transmit a message in “KID’S VOICE ALARM( pay).”※Attention According to a programed rule, it is structure to make a list in search of a letter such as “10:30 Osaka”, but It is not a thing guaranteeing accuracy of the information. When the structure of the website is complicated, “TIMECLIP” may not display information precisely.※Operation example ■A Web screen 1. Move to the objective site. Please search it with Google. Or you tap a circle button of the lower left, and please choose the site from bookmark (★). 2. Search transfer guidance. 3. Acquire the time. Tap a circle button so that you take out the time than a displayed screen; of the lower right tap a button [GET]. ■A list screen 4. Choose the time when it is necessary TIMECLIP displays the time in a list. You tap the time to output it. 5. You tap an output button of the top right corner and choose the destination. You can choose it among either “Kids voice alarm” or “email” . ※About the “Kids voice alarm” output You can output it only to ten cases at a time. When Kids voice alarm is not installed, Move to a purchase screen of iTunes automatically.

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Zone Analog to Digital Video Converter Player Convert All Your Preferred Television Shows and Movies Onto Sd Cards for Playback on Tvs, Computers, Digital Photo Frames and More

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Transporting a statue of Lord Buddha in the backseat of a automobile, hand of Martin Clunes as “Doc Martin”, Doc is a Buddhist, Tv show set, Buddhism in Western culture, location is Port Wenn, (standing in is Port Isaac), Cornwall, United Kingdom

Image by Wonderlane

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee – Watch Free of charge!

Crunchyroll, Inc.~~Please give us a five-star rating if you like the app!! ============================== About the Show In a land of perpetual night, your heart is your light.Amberground is locked in darkness. A man-produced star casts only a dim light over the land. The pitch-black wilderness is infested with Gaichuu–colossal insects with metal exoskeletons. The Gaichuu make travel among the cities of Amberground incredibly hazardous. But thankfully the Letter Bees, a brave corps of messengers, risk their lives in order to maintain the hearts of Amberground connected.Gauche Suede is on his last delivery ahead of a large promotion. In the outskirts of Yodaka, the darkest area of Amberground, Gauche is surprised to discover that the package is a young boy named Lag Seeing. Lag had been traumatized by his mother’s abduction and is due to be delivered to his aunt. In this remote region rife with Gaichuu, Lag and Gauche face a dangerous journey that inspires Lag to turn out to be a Letter Bee.============================== About the App Watch Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee on your iPhone and iPod touch! Our simulcasts are shown inside 1 hour of Japan Tv Broadcast on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! Crunchyroll Anime Members can log in with their Crunchyroll account to get early and exclusive access to the most recent episodes, without ads. Sign up correct in the app, or go online: This app is powered by, the largest web site for licensed Asian entertainment including Anime and Korean Drama. With the Crunchyroll App, you can appreciate the most current common Anime titles such as: Naruto Shippuden, BLEACH, Shugo Chara, Gintama, REBORN!, HEROMAN, Durarara, Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee, Eyeshield 21, Slam Dunk, and over a hundred a lot more! Crunchyroll licenses all its content directly and legally from content owners to bring you the very best and most current shows from Asia. WiFi video streaming is accessible for everyone. 3G video streaming is available for Crunchyroll Anime/All-Access members only.

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The Mythology of Supernatural: The Signs and Symbols Behind the Well-liked Television Show

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Martin Clunes as “Doc Martin” reflecting, with Buddha statue, Doc is a Buddhist, Tv show set, Buddhism in Western culture, location is Port Wenn, (standing in is Port Isaac), Cornwall, United Kingdom

Image by Wonderlane
except he wanted to kill the dog …

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set of three Oceanic Airlines pens abc television show LOST prop

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Burn Notice Buddha with Michael Weston (actor: Jeffrey Donovan), Jesse Porter (actor: Coby Bell), body, house interior in Miami, Florida (set), Television show, Buddhism in Western culture

Image by Wonderlane
support me out – is this a Korean style Buddha? sitting on a basket?

MMA Torch

UIEvolution, Inc.~~Mobile MMATorch will maintain you up to date with what’s happening in the globe of Mixed Martial Arts. A passionate staff of expert reporters and analysts present not just the headlines of the day, but analysis to put those stories in perspective, just as we have for nearly two decades in the Torch Newsletter and our site.MMATorch covers all of the greatest promotions and events worldwide including UFC, Strikeforce on Showtime, WEC on Versus, Bellator Fighting Championships on Fox Sports, and international and regional groups. We review Tv shows such as ESPN’s MMA Live program. When a pro wrestler gets into MMA, such as Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashley, we’ll supply insight like no 1 else into their background, reputation, and viability in the sport.MMATorch covers live MMA PPVs as they air with updated outcomes each and every few minutes to keep you up to date on not just who won, but blow-by-blow details of how they won, along with our exclusive star-ratings to indicate the historical considerable and entertainment value of every single fight, plus our unique “Fight Ramifications” analysis putting the result in perspective going forward.Then, stay tuned following each and every PPV for our exclusive Staff Roundtable Critiques with -10 scores and commentaries from the MMATorch writers evaluating the fights and the outcomes. MMATorch also shines in the weeks leading up to the big PPVs with a wide range of fight card preview articles, which will support make novice fans feel like an professional and give hardcore MMA fans new data and perspective.Catch up on the latest breaking MMA news, PPV final results, Tv show recaps including The Ultimate Fighter, blogs, and difficult-hitting editorials, plus return to the early days of UFC and MMA with Flashback articles from the Torch’s coverage of MMA dating back to the early-’90s. Do all of this although you are away from residence, on your break at function, or in between classes, or anywhere. It is easier than ever with this iPhone mobile application.All of that, plus interviews, fighter profiles, DVD reviews, nostalgia, history, and great podcasts all through the week. Maintain up to date on Anderson Silva, B.J. Penn, Georges St. Pierre, Fedor, Dan Henderson, Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock, the Gracies, Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans, Urijah Faber, Jose Aldo, Randy Couture, Wanderlei Silva, Rauricio Rua, Frankie Edgar, and of course Dana White himself.No other MMA-devoted news and commentary app can say they’ve been covering UFC since Day 1. We have. Our full-time staff and unmatched team of columnists and specialists covers the Mixed Martial Arts industry like no 1 else. Read, share, and be informed with MMATorch, the perfect MMA companion in the palm of your hand.

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Apple Television MC572LL/A (2010)

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Image by Gilgongo
Just about all Television shows now use subtitles. Not positive why this is, but perhaps it’s so that men and women can dip into them greater, or keep the sound down, and so on. It makes the viewport quite tiny although. This is a reasonably uncluttered example. Incidentally, note the furigana here. A writing method so complicated it requirements yet another one to explain it!

Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote

Verizon Data Technologies LLC~~*Please note that soon after the recent update, some users are experiening a scenario where the app crashes upon start off-up. We are looking into the issue, but if you delete the app and do a clean re-install that need to address the problem.*Tv viewing just got more exciting and interactive for FiOS Television clients as Verizon introduces its newest application, Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote, to the iPhone and iPod Touch.FiOS Mobile Remote turns your mobile device into a remote control for FiOS Tv (HD set-top boxes only). Plus, you can flick photos to your Tv and carry your FiOS Tv Favorites list to any Television within the house.Attributes: * My Remote – Control a FiOS Television set-top box from the mobile device which includes altering channels, adjusting volume, managing parental controls, and using DVR functionality such as pause, rewind, rapidly forward, or record live programming. Also, you can use the mobile device to control the FiOS Tv onscreen full QWERTY keyboard to search for Television programming and video-on-demand titles, as nicely as on some FiOS Television widgets like Facebook and Twitter. * My Pictures – Photos stored on the device can be immediately transferred from the Tv with the touch of a finger. You can flick 1 picture at a time and see it seem on the Television screen. * My Favorites – Import your favorite channels at the moment stored on the set-best-box to the mobile device so you can flip channels from the Favorites list via the handset.** Verizon FiOS supplied router necessary for the application to function appropriately**

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