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Carol Burnett Show- Wrong Number

“Wrong Number” featuring Carol and Tim Conway.
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  1. 98Khloe says:

    @RareMusicalGems actually the first tv couple to share a bed was Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, but that was only for the first season

  2. Dreamerofbooks says:

    it was the flintstones.

  3. DardanellesBy108 says:

    HaHa this is one I clearly remember watching as a kid! This show was so much better than anything today!

  4. groundpounder35 says:

    @JesusIsLord631 Not here the skit works best on different beds. That rule was before this was made.

  5. groundpounder35 says:

    Is this a typical male female argument or what?

  6. fjccommish says:

    @bgbizkit Sure he looks like Einstein, but he isn’t Einstein.

  7. bgbizkit says:

    @fjccommish Check the other Carol episodes where you can find Tim wearing long white hair. He’s so hilarious and does look like Einstein.. Well, at least for me.

  8. fjccommish says:

    @bgbizkit When does he play Einstein?

  9. 2010tazdevil says:

    i love carol she is the best in the her in the movie called annie.

  10. bgbizkit says:

    I like Tim Conway especially when he’s playing Einstein on their skits.

  11. RareMusicalGems says:

    @leafyutube Actually, The Munsters were the first TV couple to share a bed, if I remember correctly!

  12. leafyutube says:

    Except on the Brady Bunch?

  13. JesusIsLord631 says:

    during those days, they weren’t allowed to show a man and a woman sharing the same bed-so that’s why their in different beds.

  14. TB0088 says:

    chuck norris doesnt call the wrong number you answer the wrong phone


    Those who watched when it originally aired knew the high caliber of pure comedic genius of The Carol Burnett Show, it’s creators and stars. From adults to children, we all knew the show was special and tried to impart that to others. Today there is nothing that comes close, unfortunately. Thank you Carol for many many years of laughter and memories all rolled into one!

  16. bill1957111 says:

    wheres the gun ? omg id shoot her lol

  17. cowfartonyou says:

    i luv carol burnette!

  18. 287750km says:

    Is it a signal?

  19. candicewhiskeyd says:

    @loveLuxuriously Wow you too huh??? lolol……Same here……..
    yeah the medley they did was SWEET……..and she is just toooooo funny……

  20. sweetiegrl41 says:

    I can totally imagine Ben Stiller doing this diologe hehe

  21. TheFootegirl73 says:

    @therealgarygnu LOL!

  22. BRIANx978 says:


  23. therealgarygnu says:

    @leafyutube Would save many marriages…

  24. TheEmmaandKellyShow says:

    You open that door and I’ll blow you in half!!!

  25. PlainNsimpleGal says:

    I absolutely love Carol!

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