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Carol Burnett Show- No Frills Airline

Tim is put via the ringer by Carol simply because he’s in the No-Frills section of the airplane although Harvey gets special therapy one seat ahead in Initial Class.
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25 Responses to “Carol Burnett Show- No Frills Airline”

  1. daved1974 says:

    i remember this sketch been along time since i saw it i probably would have sued the airline though

  2. JG40061 says:


  3. SupertyphoonTom says:

    This is so much like traveling military Space “A” (Space Available). MIlitary hops for active duty personnel, their families, DoD civilians and retirees (me!). Funny!

  4. Nicko93 says:

    Oh man I’d be so pissed off by that attendant, it’s so funny xD

  5. glenfenderman says:

    ROTFL!! I bust a gut laughing every time I see that seat jumping up and down!

  6. fireflyrocks1 says:

    I was the best thing on TB back then, and it’s probably still the best thing. Nothing but a good, clean laugh.

  7. angel97504 says:

    Take a look at the windows in Tim’s section, just too funny! It’s amazing that the writers could come up with so many great jokes and skits each and every week.

  8. vicky52073 says:

    hilarious after 5:00

  9. Missedthe80sboat says:

    Where did the two people in from of Harvey go?!? :D

  10. kaelee1997wyant says:

    I think I would pay the extra 40 bucks

  11. cmoore56 says:

    Oh, my goodness…Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, and Tim Conway. I miss them so much. This was one of the funniest & best comedy shows, EVER. None of these comedians can ever be replaced.

  12. heidihasselrox123 says:

    i preformed this skit and the funeral in my 8th grade drama class!!!! i was the stuwardess so fun :)

  13. jklein9823 says:

    I remember seeing this when it was first broadcast, and it was wonderful to see it again. All the cast members on this show were superb. Thanks for posting this.

  14. sugarcakezz says:

    i lost it when he went back in his seat

  15. Christlessgrave says:

    @Mandi7882 Agreed

  16. sweetiegrl41 says:

    The stuff they used to allow on the planes before 9/11…now they aren’t allowing you to bring water bottles on the airlines now! ~sigh~ what has this world come to?

  17. accdancer says:

    they used to play reruns on tv in the morning when i was younger. i would watch it in the morning before school. good times =)

  18. stumpyale says:

    42 people are in the no frills section

  19. izzysykopth says:

    @olga2415 I was a kid during this era. Great clean humor. These three had some rare chemistry that helped them gain such wide acclaim. Great share!!! Think TSA would allow him to pack his own lunch? LOL!

  20. olga2415 says:

    LOL! I remember when this was first telecast. I never missed a Carol Burnett Show in those days. It was the only t.v. show that could get me to sit still long enough to watch t.v. And then, I was falling off the furniture laughing! LOL I wonder if those who fly on a “frequent flyer miles” ticket get this type of treatment these days! ha ha

  21. traceymallard says:

    fantastic show! i was a kid in the seventies and my mom and i used to watch this all th time! i really miss it a lot!

  22. megadeth1100 says:

    I liked this!
    Such a funny sketch!! I love Carol Burnett, i loved how she was so rude in this sketch! So funny :-)

  23. Engage777 says:

    I think today they call this sketch “Airtran”

  24. hadassah179 says:

    Why is Nora Desmond sitting in the back shouldn’t she be in the first class section?

  25. martian59 says:

    What happened to the passengers in the front row?

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