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Lucille Ball tries to impersonate Carmen Miranda in this classic episode of I Love Lucy. Carmen was often taken either as Mexican or Cuban, and speaking Spanish. She was actually from Brazil in South America and spoke Portuguese. She however was proud of also giving her dedication to all Latin America with her work in showbiz. First aired on October 22, 1951.
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  1. Lunam00n1 says:

    this is so funny because cuba and mexico are completely different places

  2. Laurentia02 says:

    @buddyeagle Don’t you ever dare call “I Love Lucy” shit!

  3. paperbackkbook says:

    the mix of the cultures is what makes it funny. it shows how lucy knows nothing about cuban culture.

  4. paperbackkbook says:

    the mix of the cultures is what makes it funny. it shows how lucy knows nothing about cuban culture.

  5. gamerTonester says:

    @buddyeagle its for entertainment DUH xD

  6. bushka99 says:

    One of the funniest things i have ever seen!

  7. RoyalKnightVII says:

    @buddyeagle Dude calm down, you do know it was Lucy who did this? She’s was as knowledgeable about the Americas as most people are now.

  8. DoniSacramento says:

    You don’t have to be offensive to expose your opinion. You should before thinking of doing so remember that that film was produced nearly 60 years ago – in a completely different context and reality and was intended to nothing but entertain.

  9. buddyeagle says:

    stupid video, they think brasil and mexico are the same thing, stupid americans. Need do some resource before do s.h.i.t like that

  10. LaPhenomenalMujer says:

    Im cuban & slightly offended that anytime anything “latin” is needed for entertainment purposes they automaticly turn every hispanic into “mexican”. This clip single handedly insults three entirely different countries all at once. Nothing against mexican, brazilian or fulano for that matter but why cant mexicans be mexicans n cubans be cubans… anywho…I LOVE !!! I LOVE LUCY!!! this cast as a whole will always be the best in my eyes!!!

  11. gussy1d5 says:

    yes because in cuba they have old mexican men that sit around mexican catinas covered by big mexican sombreros that can only be found in mexico……face it cuba has more in common with the caribbeans than it has with the desert like ciudad juarez in mexico

  12. caloscalante1518 says:

    Luc was HOT

  13. Lygem says:

    My stomach hurts from LOLLMAOROFL+any other acronym along those lines.

  14. HepburnFlicks says:

    I laughed all the way through the video XD

  15. appleandhoneyspice says:

    @klassylady25 you said it it was funny,lucy was a unique ,

  16. Kabuki7 says:

    i actually saw an old black and white movie with lucy and desi,i think it was called not sure though melody hotel or something like that

  17. chettmansberger says:

    Well said. Her fabulous smile encompased and invited all countries and cultures to just enjoy her beautiful gift ! :>

  18. benthemiester says:

    Miranda was Brazilian. lol

  19. spfane says:

    @DoniSacramento Good point about Carmen having wide appeal representing Latin American culture. I do think though, it had more to do with our own cultural ignorance as Americans. To this day, there are alot of people in this country who would think Carmen Mexican or Cuban or Puerto Rican.

    There was actually much cultural insensivity on this show. While brilliant for its time, it frequently stereotyped, portraying southerners as hillbillies & hicks, Frenchmen as a womanizers, etc

  20. ritahable says:

    Sou brasileira,, e Carmem amava d+++ ,, e o brasil a Ela,, Mamãe eu quero, é até hj uma inesquecivel musica de nosso Carnaval!

  21. klassylady25 says:

    @ DC… I’m going to tell you this and I’m 56 years old…. NO ONE thought about Cuban, White, Brazilian…

    We just knew this: IT WAS FUNNY!!!!

  22. spotdathief says:

    Lucy was the best comedian :D her acting was so natural

  23. ClassicMovieClub says:

    @DCFunBud it is making fun of Lucy thinking that is Cuban culture it is not making fun of Cuban culture. It is like the “Dont mention the war” joke in Fawlty Towers its making fun of Fawlty not the Germans

  24. DBCCpm says:

    @DCFunBud Well, I don’t know much about the subject, but in my opinion, that ‘mixture’ adds to the humor (maybe that is what Lucy thought Cuban culture’s like). C:

  25. tricianfred says:

    Too funny no one can every take the place of Lucy she was truly before her time….Just priceless, I never ever tire of watching I Love Lucy…!

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