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Captain Kangaroo – color show from 1981!!

Taped in September of 1981, here is the opening to the Captain Kangaroo show, aka “Wake Up with the Captain” when they had a new set – from WJKW-TV8, Cleveland. The voice-over at the beginning is of course the late Howard Hoffman.
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25 Responses to “Captain Kangaroo – color show from 1981!!”

  1. mzconceptionz1 says:

    wow blast from the past… I use to love watching PBS in the morning b4 school and Captin Kangaroo was the stuff back then

  2. Lindawatcher says:

    @UncleJoe41Dice You miss Mr. Cream-Jeans…. or was his name really.. “Masterbater Green jeans???????? hee hee

  3. Lindawatcher says:

    MR Cream-Jeans was really a porn star in the old days! Hung like a horse and ready to drill deep into any woman on the drop of a hat! They changed his name to Mr Green-jeans here to protect his former life….

  4. Patriccio72 says:

    Captain Kangaroo & Mr. Green Jeans were badass when i was a kid!

  5. HottBoi90210 says:

    “gay light” ????

  6. XMChipXM says:

    @DoinaSambaFan AMEN to THAT, D.S.F.!!!

  7. DoinaSambaFan says:

    @vladimir998 Sad to say, in the minds of most of TV’s network execs, it’s either money talks, OR, they must have some stupid cock-and-bull notion that’s just plain old school, let’s cash in on crappy no-brainers on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel.

  8. LittleSerboLamb says:

    This was my mother’s thing! She’s 41 now, and she remembers these. lol She agrees, it’s all crap on now a days

  9. rickygervais1776 says:

    The robot is Cookie Puss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. tjeremy96 says:

    @jasonsr3 it’s Beamer…

  11. duckigrrl says:

    I miss Captain Kangaroo! What a good show that was!

  12. WaltHenson says:

    Who owns the rights to Captain Kangaroo and the few episodes that have been saved?

  13. hayitsemily1 says:

    my mom sayed that this was her favorite show ever hahahahahah

  14. slmacph says:

    I cannot say that I have watched every episode of this classic series, but judging from this segment, they had reached the “jumping the shark” point by now. :-/

  15. micmac99 says:

    @MondoBeno Also CBS and their stations wanted weekday mornings by that time to be just like the Today Show or GMA. They’re still trying to this day.

  16. Mavericker7 says:

    Oh THAT’s Mr. Green Jeans.

  17. SinnFein4ever says:

    That’s the guy who voiced ORKO, playing the computer!
    Now I guess we know what he did before He-Man.

  18. TheRamsesII says:

    “The Beemer”! LMAO!!

  19. snoozeroo says:

    Ewww… I liked the old theme song so much better.

  20. TerrenceA1 says:


  21. MondoBeno says:

    This show went off the air around 1984 because of a lack of sponsors.

    Bon Keeshan refused to allow any child-targeted advertisement unless it was educational or constructive toys, like Boggle, Scrabble, Speak-n-Spell, Lincoln Logs, and Playdough.

  22. Moviestar20 says:

    I am 90s kid but I adore things like this from the 80s..
    I think for everyone its different; vladimir998 you shouldn’t feel sorry for everyone.

  23. steventhestudent says:

    its mr green jeans!!

  24. skaterdudes2020 says:

    in the early 80′s did they think computers made random synthesizer sounds

  25. thaloudest says:

    I had stopped watching Captain Kangaroo before the 80′s. What a shame they felt the need to make those changes. The Captain was using a “Mr. Merlin” to beam Dennis in!

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