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Captain Kangaroo – Button Up Your Overcoat track 5 of 8

He loved us. 1958. Mitch Miller orchestra & The Sandpipers
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12 Responses to “Captain Kangaroo – Button Up Your Overcoat track 5 of 8”

  1. broadwaybywayofkatie says:

    “Oh yes sir, it’s very important to me that you do all these things! ‘Cause I like you so much that, well, if anything were to happen to you, I’d feel terrible!”

  2. LydiaSe2580 says:

    I love the captain! d,b!

  3. carlmoore19 says:

    New “Captain Kangaroo” page was loaded onto that site today. It has cross-reference to already-existing arrangement of TV theme, and adds 2 of those PLATO numbers (see the note I am replying to). Those 2 numbers refer to stuff which was on the LP but not on the EP!

  4. badmuthahubbard says:

    Me three. I was so young!

  5. carlmoore19 says:

    I remember this album cover and haven’t seen it in years. It goes back to about 1959. I echo at least one earlier request: PLEASE get the other selections in here!
    (Years ago on the now-defunct University of Delaware PLATO, I had simple, from-memory arrangements of some of the numbers — only 4 clarinet tones available for such arranging by me, and I need to revive them. However, I do have Captain Kangaroo TV theme currently on my web site — search engine key words: Carl Moore music)

  6. hannahspaw says:

    I did too. Wish I had it now.

  7. tomjf2004 says:

    OMG I had this record! Too cool!!!!!

  8. stitchingmom says:

    Oh, PLEASE add the rest of the songs on this album to your offerings.

    This brings back so many memories…

  9. oui4soxs says:

    Thanks for posting this, I had this record when I was 5. Brought back the memories

  10. 85scampi says:

    Aye, Aye Captain!.

  11. mogoos says:

    hello i am eric this is a nice song its ok but i miss the other songs and videos from captain kangaroo please add more captain kangaroo videos ok thanks from ewj

  12. mogoos says:

    thanks from eric please ad more tunes like this thanks a fan of captain kangaroo

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