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Captain Kangaroo

Here is a short video I created in memory of Bob Keeshan. Hello friends, I enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane. I enjoy remembering the times when life was so much simpler. I remember watching the Captain every morning while eating Corn flakes before going off to school. So much innocence is lost in our children today from everything they see and hear in todays world. Its wonderful to reminisce and remember those simple childhood memories. The title of the song on this video is Karens Theme and it is composed and performed by Richard Carpenter and is dedicated to his late sister Karen Carpenter. Please feel free to share your childhood memories.

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25 Responses to “Captain Kangaroo”

  1. DarkSaiyan15 says:

    Miss Captain Kangeroo very much.One can tell that he was very devoted to his work.Think this show came out at a time when children had no shows, he was heaven sent.Taught them how to laugh and play.The Captain adjusted through the years that is what is soo amazing, his show grew and he changed with the times. He was very popular even in the eighties. Amazing man.I took the show for granted growing up now i know it was very special.Brings tears to see the tribute to him happy ones of course

  2. TheFrankenstein72 says:

    It is also sad that the first African American character from Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Baxter just passed away last week. Well he is up there with the Captain and Mr. Green Jeans. RIP to all.

  3. loocee95 says:


  4. videomix22 says:

    @AngiesCousin Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

  5. AngiesCousin says:

    What a sweet memory! Thanks for making this!

  6. ktheber says:

    Thank you so Much! Captain Kangaroo and Fred Rogers were very good friends and corresponded regularly. I can only imagine them both in Heaven now .

  7. dwilliams2102 says:

    Thanks for the compliment! It is easy to think of and say complimentary things about Mr. Keeshan. I undersrtand he was also a war hero. I am looking for more video of him and Mr. Moose. I want to add some similar gags to my presentations for our Children’s Church and need some ideas. Can you help?

  8. videomix22 says:

    @Meliniy Thank you my dear sister and may you be showered with God’s blessings.

  9. Meliniy says:

    God bless you … for making this I wan’t really an avant watcher of his show when i was a small girl … but this brought me to tears.. and made me think of my nephew (2)and niece (5) … An i need to spend more time with them … I love you my friend through Christ God Bless you

  10. videomix22 says:

    @dwilliams2102 Very, very well said friend. This comment made my day.
    Thank you!

  11. dwilliams2102 says:

    Beautifully done! If those of us who minister to kids on a daily basis can be as delightful as Captain Kangaroo and bring as much joy into their lives as Bob Keeshan did in ours, we will be a long way on the path to a successful life.

  12. LadiUneek says:

    Wow. That was so beautiful. You are awesome for putting this together!

  13. videomix22 says:

    @thejensocial Your welcome, and thank you for watching.

  14. thejensocial says:

    I cried. Thank you for that stroll.

  15. G53T1RM1N says:

    I grew up with Captain Kangaroo in the 1960s and early ’70s, and watching this video brings back a lot of great memories. Thank you for this tribute to a true American hero. He is well loved, and greatly missed.

  16. videomix22 says:

    @bforcs Thanks Dolores, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for watching.

  17. bforcs says:

    Thank you so much for this touching video. Oh…the memories. So nostalgic, brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much! (Dolores)

  18. brp1801 says:

    Great job on that video!!! I loved Captain Kangaroo when I was a little kid! Always watched him!!!

  19. alstrand says:

    @rick71457 – nicely said.

  20. rick71457 says:

    @alstrand – I sometimes still wake up and sing the “Good Morning Captain” Theme song from his later show. LOL! As an actor he could have made a different decision – a different choice in his pursuits but I am so grateful he chose children shows because he became a friend to ME.

  21. alstrand says:

    @videomix22 Like others here, I want to thank you, . That comforting, all accepting voice is now in all of us who watched and listened for so many years..

  22. alstrand says:

    @TheGoodCrop You’re right..what most histories do not record is that Keeshan didn’t leave but was summarily fired for being part of a group of people on Bob Smith’s show that hired the same agent, this according to Keeshan.

  23. alstrand says:

    @rick71457 – There is an interview with Bob Keeshan on youtube, In part 7 of 7, he is asked what his image is. He names many things that he has heard from people, and what you said here was close to the top of his list. He was a friend to children who were in abusive families.
    He was clearly overwhelmed by all the different things people told him. A little embarassed to be so idolized. I hope you can take comfort in his knowledge of how he helped people in your predictament. Very cool.

  24. videomix22 says:

    @alstrand Thank you for watching.

  25. KDevine53 says:

    This is amazing.It made me cry.Captain Kangaroo had been a part of our household for 25 years

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