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Captain Jack kisses Captain Jack – Torchwood – BBC

Re-live the moment Captain Jack came out of the closet and shared a kiss in war-time London with Captain Jack. Moving moment from the BBC hit series, Torchwood.
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25 Responses to “Captain Jack kisses Captain Jack – Torchwood – BBC”

  1. asubjectiveopinion says:

    No worries. :)

  2. TheArtemisfowl09 says:

    @lasktguy They are two different people. You should watch the rest of the show.

  3. LosheBoy says:

    @asubjectiveopinion I see, then i’m sorry, am not that good in english so yes, i missed youre point : /

  4. asubjectiveopinion says:

    You appear to have completely missed my point.
    Read it again.

  5. LosheBoy says:

    @asubjectiveopinion The actor is not straight, he’s actually gay

  6. LosheBoy says:

    @lasktguy It is not himself he kisses but the person he took the name from, so they are not the same person. The person he is kissing is a soldier who died a long time ago. The episode is about that they are in a different time zone.kindof

  7. supercela10 says:

    nádhera,to je romantika

  8. supercela10 says:

    nádhera,to je romantika

  9. AmTheBestDamnThing11 says:


  10. Helpless2U says:

    @landmind666 I dont know if you’re being serious or not but I shall explain anyway. That ‘gay’ means ‘happy/carefree’ which is the original´meaning of the word which the english adopted from the french after the Norman invasion before it became associated with sexuality and then finally changed it’s meaning to homosexuality round about the middle of the 20th century. So it would be ‘happy/carefree olde england’.

  11. Helpless2U says:

    I remember watching this with my godfather and godsister. My godsister and I exchanged these really awkward looks and avoided looking at my godfather xD God it was embarrassing. I mean it was a sweet moment but I just hate watching mushy scenes with other people…especially my parents/godparents etc.

  12. lasktguy says:

    I’m in the middle of downloading the first season of this series so I don’t really know anything about it but can someone tell he kissing himself or another guy with the same name or what? Very beautiful kiss.

  13. mikeysrose says:

    Every time I watch this, I squeal a little but when he rushes back for the kiss.

  14. asubjectiveopinion says:

    I wonder if the BBC will ever become aware of the existence of straight-acting gay men?

  15. wickedmusicalmad says:

    This is sooooooo touching

  16. xNiightm4re says:

    well to be sincere yesterday was the first time i heard about torchwood… so i dont really know whats going on at all, but hell, i watched this video 4 times and everything is so sweet and perfect and sad… and…. i -have- to watch torchwood now ._.

  17. tharcblack says:

    I spent the fucking whole episode looking forward that kiss! (well, I was more actually thinking about sex scene, but still… xD)

  18. MiaAshbrook says:

    This reminds me of myself. I would’ve gone, but instead not gone back *smacks head* I should take lessons from Captain Jack, both of them. They’re brave :’)

  19. TheKoolKitteh says:

    I thought this would be totally different…Like, if Captain Jack accidentally cloned himself, although if this were the end result, it probbly wasn’t an accident. lol

  20. rickyiffy says:

    ahhhhhh man! This is the best! So it’s the Season 1 Finale. I’ll have to go back and keep that one. Very touching.

  21. buttonyourshoes says:

    Out of all three series of Torchwood so far, this has to be my favorite moment. They just have such great chemistry.

  22. aaronleecurtis says:

    wow :-P

  23. hippydude89 says:

    @mota307 they were shooting a torchwood episode two months ago?!
    OMG more torchwood =D?

  24. MsCatty18 says:

    he’s not gay but he ask like one wow

  25. DiAnIsSsDaiMatsu says:

    he’s not gay…it’s a complicated concept but it’s called being pansexual or omnisexual…which means he does not care about the sex, just the person and what’s inside…it’s actually a very beautiful concept of love and quite different from bisexuality… thought i’m a girl and im straight…but i like the fact i understood this so well x)

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