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Captain Beefheart – Upon the my oh my

Captain Beefheart on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1974.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Captain Beefheart – Upon the my oh my”

  1. Emil54 says:

    Howlin Wolf was his biggest inspiration. He trained for hours to try and sound like him. Also the blue sound in his music is from listening alot to howlin wolf. I think they are both great !

  2. JaackPat says:

    This is pretty bad by Beefheart’s standards… still better than a lot of stuff out at the time, though.

  3. ms381 says:

    @ManyGodz If you are not aware, this was taken from the dvd “the old grey whistle test vol 1″ not a cd, but at least you could listen to it when you want. Its a great dvd :)

  4. czarinaalex94 says:

    Most people have know idea who Captain Beefheart is nor do they care!

  5. cyclo1224 says:

    beefheart still lives in my heart and mind…no one compares to the captain

  6. FmycosZ says:

    1:15 to miss tossers

  7. ManyGodz says:

    Wish this live version was available on CD !

  8. eduardorenato says:

    Tom waits owes capt beefheart a royalties check at least

  9. whitepoeticwarrior says:

    He’s so strange he’s interesting.

    His voice kinda reminds me of Howlin’ Wolf.

  10. toneshards says:

    Captain Beefheart is a human muppet!! Still have my Trout Mask 8 track. No 8 track player, but hey….things.

  11. toneshards says:

    @politicoochie09 So close, you almost had that one.

  12. politicoochie09 says:

    The Captain got older, started acting, and became Bryan Lee Cranston!

  13. TheMnb88 says:

    what a fucking legend

  14. blahblah2556 says:

    36 lame dogs

  15. richecco says:

    36 people are vegetarian

  16. BrandonBangarang says:

    shut the fuck up and play the song

  17. rollingcube says:

    you oundits r rubbish

  18. vinobody says:

    scaring voice !!

  19. dave2806 says:

    rip captain , rip john peel who loved you so much . hope your together somewhere !

  20. TheTinCanHitMan says:

    @Shagrat65 Anytime I watch anything live by beefheart I think that too…. but this one’s definitely better than the studio version to me

  21. LordRassy says:

    @zephyr89s How does physical apperance make a difference? I’m willing to bet you’re an ugly cunt.

  22. LordRassy says:

    @parachutebinge Fuck you you cunt. I will track your IP and murder you and your family. I will rape your mother over and over again until her ass bleeds.

  23. rockout2zeppelin says:

    @zephyr89s lol, that is him. captain beefheart was secretly adolf hitler. he faked his death, moved to america and became a rock legend. hahaha!!!

  24. Shagrat65 says:

    Its weird, I have to say the live version is better than the studio version. Anyone else think so?

  25. norfolknchance100 says:

    @jcfbell3001 what next to your cardboard box

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