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Bugaloos – Intro

Bugaloos – Intro
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25 Responses to “Bugaloos – Intro”

  1. GoblinXXX says:

    @sliknotrocks15 Sid & Marty swear up and down they did NOT do drugs– But there’s no way in hell they weren’t on SOMETHING between this, PUFINSTUF and LIDSVILLE.

  2. Geek4Eternety says:

    the bugaloos,the bugaloos,where in the air and everywhere..<3
    rest in peace good saturday mornings

  3. sliknotrocks15 says:

    ommmggg on acid this shit is so trippy!!

  4. classykids09 says:

    i have nightmares of this and i dont even remember ever watching it

  5. TheSarahjanebeal says:

    I loved watching this I was quite young reckon about 6 or something

  6. notfarfromhome says:

    Holy fucking sheeeit!! I haven’t seen this for almost 30 years. Brings back alot of memories , thanks for the upload!

  7. golferman2004 says:

    freakin awesome!

  8. brimus5 says:

    @BillionYearSP so was I…lol

  9. HimeNoKuri says:

    had a huge crush on the dude in red “Courage”

  10. MrDeppness says:

    @castletriglav Mister potato head! I know when it was. It was still cheesy even for its time.

  11. yerkeskid says:

    @BillionYearSP Weren’t we all?

  12. castletriglav says:

    @MrDeppness It was nearly 40 years ago, you child twat.

  13. Manongjojo says:

    I used to watch this after school every day. LOL

  14. RichHartley19671 says:

    I liked Joy and I liked the way she sang, but it was a toss-up between Harmony and I.Q. as the ones who turned me on. I remember Harmony once saying: “Can I help it if I’m a gourmet?” He and his English accent blew me away. But I.Q. turned me on because of his blond hair.

  15. hanoc101 says:

    @latte123 For a look at Caroline in a more adult role see Confessions of a Summer Camp Councillor. And thank me

  16. hanoc101 says:

    @MrDeppness That and the fact that it was a kids show. It was no Matrix for sure

  17. patsaxon says:

    Boy do I feel so old watching this again! I watched on Saturday morning when I was a kid, boy I feel so old! What kind of drugs did we do back then?

  18. humblepie2000 says:

    It was so much fun to find The Bugaloos! When I was little, my brothers and I used to fight over watching The Bugaloos, or Batman and Robin.

  19. Akira625 says:

    Caroline Ellis, what a cutie pie! :)

  20. ponfarr69 says:

    What the hell were Sid and Marty smokin’? And, may I have some? Now I skippidy to HR PuffnStuff.

  21. soulgirl66 says:

    Wow….another great Saturday morning memory! I had a crush on Harmony myself :D
    Thanks for posting!

  22. MrDeppness says:

    Man this is POOR POOR POOR production. Guess it was the norm back then.

  23. meterman432110 says:

    i was no more then 2 years old! all of those actors and actress are now parents with children of there own . wow tv was tv then even if bulldog face tricky Dicky was the president and the Vietnam war was in its late stages wow!!

  24. rantanamo says:


    sweet marshmallowy Saturday mornings that what it is.

  25. xmasterlayx says:

    wtf is this?!?!?!

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