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Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Elsewhere I have set down, for whatever interest they have in this, the 25th Century, my personal recollections of the 20th Century.
Now it occurs to me that my memoirs of the 25th Century may have an equal interest 500 years from now

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  1. Larry W. Smolucha says:

    Review by Larry W. Smolucha for Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
    This is a very nicely done reproduction of the original short story ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’ as authored by Phillip Francis Nowlan in the late 1920s. (J. Dille is often incorrectly cited as Buck’s creator when actually Dille was Nowlan’s publisher and ultimately wound-up as the owner of the Buck Rogers licensing rights). The story contained herein is one of those included in the novel-length paperback compilation titled ARMAGEDDON 2419 A.D.(also by P. F. Nowlan) but is presented here with some wonderful 4-color illustrations, mainly of Buck and his female sidekick, the ever-delightful Wilma Deering (portrayed in the 1979-81 TV series by the equally intelligent and ravishingly beautiful actress Erin Gray). This pamphlet-like document was originally published in the 1930s, I believe, as a premium item by a cereal company. All commercial illustrations have been expunged from this reprint edition, which depicts the text and all original period illustrations in mint condition. I have seen some fairly shabby/damaged 70+ year-old originals go for around $100.00-US and higher on Ebay, so this reproduction is a welcome bargain. Collectors of BUCK ROGERS/SF ephemera can afford to buy several to spread the mirth and mystery of America’s first Space Hero. Submitted by Larry Smolucha

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