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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Soundtrack—”Suspension”

This is the song that plays over the introduction of the pilot for the tv series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” that starred Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Tim O’Connor, with Felix Silla and Mel Blanc as Twiki. A very cheesy but fun show made around the late 70′s. Enjoy!!
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25 Responses to “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Soundtrack—”Suspension””

  1. pshaw100 says:

    3 people have something wrong with their Funk and Wagnalls.

  2. JediCowboy25 says:

    3 people are stuck in their shuttles frozen in time.

  3. televisionfan1977 says:

    love it totally love it

  4. Velocity9s says:

    @rogermwilcox God, actually. Tho’, his Parents had a hand in it! >.<

  5. Artifactsofmars says:

    Thanks for posting! I always wanted to hear this song intact but the idiots on the network cut it off every time, as if what they had to say was something I wanted to hear.

  6. joesingle says:

    @ducatidave5 Buy the dvd on Ebay. Its cheap now.

  7. daxeboy9 says:

    @Jodon1971 Dude your a genius, how did you know this song? this was exactly what I was talking about! It would play during the credits at the end of the show, I thought I was gonna be a rocket ship driver when I would here this, THANKS!

  8. Jodon1971 says:

    @daxeboy9 There was a song called “Zoom” by Fat Larry’s Band in 1982 which sounds kinda like this one but I don’t remember it ever being used in Buck Rogers. Type in “Fat Larry’s Band – Zoom” in YouTube.

  9. jamofsocal says:

    Wow!! So you are the only other person that bought this soundtrack! I liked this song and the original intro. I echo Underdog77. This song asked the same questions that I was asking of myself when I was young. . .and maybe it still does.

    Thanks for posting!!

  10. ducatidave5 says:

    can’t download the tv version for my enjoyment because of NBC’s goddamn copyright. Like anyone would profit from it. fck u NBC.

  11. rogermwilcox says:

    “Long before this life of mine,
    Long before my time,
    What was there? Who cared
    To make it begin?”

    Um … that’d be your parents, Buck.

  12. flossjw1 says:

    i liked how during the opening scene when this song was playing the way they went about showcasing the ladies interacting with gil gerard (buck rogers).Erin gray,Pamela hensley and the others really looked [........"ahem"........& still do of course....... ;-) ...........] really beautiful.Yes,the series was the corniest of all the sci-fis of the time….b.galactica/automan/space1999/manimal…i remember it all dudes,,,but this was still one of my favs. did i mention erin gray was all that…

  13. spykerhond says:

    poes cool track for a space story!

  14. jayce79 says:

    This was classic American television.

  15. rogermwilcox says:

    Why does this recording end with a minute-and-a-half of silence?

  16. Dbusdriver71 says:

    I still love this series. At one time it had so much potential but what I didn’t know was all the infighting that was going on; I always thought that NBC just went so damn cheap that it brought down the series.

  17. Capt777harris says:

    Where am I going, and what will I see?

  18. 80sladies says:

    This song brings back great memories of one of my favorite shows as a kid. :) After hearing this song on Youtube, I actually dug out the movie and watched it this Sunday. If anyone is looking for the intro to the movie (with Erin Grey in a swimsuit), it’s here (about 19MB): megaupload . com/?d=NLRWPSKZ

  19. Gecko7291971 says:

    @alucard624 You’re right, it is an Instrumental version of this same song

  20. Gecko7291971 says:

    @alucard624 It is the same song, Just an Istrumetal version

  21. Gecko7291971 says:

    @bigpopparamma Well, that may be true, but Drugs played a big in that

  22. bigpopparamma says:

    Hugh O’Connor committed suicide; not a drug overdose. His father Carroll, went after the man whom supplied him with the drugs.

  23. katrinagrrl says:

    Kyp Lennon sang this. I don’t think he was related to John. Great song, I have this album still…hard to believe that was 30 years ago.

  24. pjstudevent says:

    @Underdog77 He underdog, I totally feel you on your comment. You don’t have to explain why it was important to you – it just was – as it was to me as well. I love this song!

  25. pjstudevent says:

    Man, this is such an awesome theme! You know they are planning a remake of this movie for 2012….

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