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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Fan Trailer

A movie-style trailer for the short-lived but awesome TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. This is not a music video or montage. I met stars Gil Gerard, Erin Gray and Felix Silla this year and they are amazing people and very gracious. I have dedicated this trailer to them. I hope the many Buck Rogers fans here enjoy this one. If you haven’t seen the series, it’s a very cool and groundbreaking show for its time. This video does not intend to infringe on any copyrights held by Universal Pictures and has not been duplicated for profit. I own the DVDs this trailer is made from and this work is intended to be a tribute by a fan to the cast and crew of this fantastic series.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Fan Trailer”

  1. MarcelSM01 says:

    Wow, watching this clip makes me wanna go watch Buck Rogers again! Cool clip!

  2. XSwisSmYcHEeseX says:

    why is nbc doing tht itsnot like they play them like tht? what assholes

  3. fortknoxguy says:

    Man, I thought this was kick ass when I was a kid. Hell with Wilma, the princess was nasty hot! If I were Buck, I’d say heck with earth if I could have the princess.

  4. dkempf1 says:


  5. hpprinter12345 says:

    Epic !!! Loved it ~ Must ..Call.. Ticketmaster !!!

  6. 1erichellstrom says:

    Great show!! Big dumb hillbilly in the 25th century!!

  7. BigTex541 says:

    Good job.

  8. GARY42353 says:

    i have the classic buck rogers dvd set from 1979 series it awesome
    they are making a buck rogers new series coming out in 2010

  9. MegaHegira says:

    Erin Gray is so hot. I have a plastic tweekie mini doll

  10. MrJPink says:

    That is awesome. That show is hilariously bad and now it looks hilariously amazing!

  11. BoquillasKid says:

    Well-done! I enjoyed that greatly!

  12. BobbytheCanadiankid says:

    Buck Rogers rocks !

  13. knoxvilleguy2 says:

    If they do a re – imagining of Buck Rogers, I wonder if it’ll be a la the ” gritty, edgy ” version of ” Battlestar Galactica ” ( Which I still liked, BTW ) or like the 70′s – 80′s version of ” Buck Rogers ” ? Season 1 of ” BR ” was okay, but season 2….. meh.

  14. sdcarnes says:

    I’d watch THAT show !

  15. kd4adv says:

    I used to have one of those Draconiaan Maurauders back when this show was on.

  16. DrJonesadventures says:

    they should make a movie out of it !

  17. fishguru73 says:

    @avionicswirenut They can take a sword from hell and shove it up their ass where the sun ain’t shinin. Pricks! Sweet childhood memories and Erin Grey… banned!? Who bought the copyright? I’m sure it was some libtard that doesn’t want male role models acting like men to be viewed by the general public. I thought that after ten years a copyright expired. Here we are 30 years later and somebody doesn’t like a hero and didn’t want us to see it. Sick, weak liberal fuckers.

  18. Taroutheking says:

    lol I didn’t know Buck Dogers….. I thought there was only Duck Dodgers… :P

  19. Jerry74 says:

    makes me want to go get the DVD

  20. BigTex541 says:

    Great Job

  21. Dtronaustin says:

    The Star field opening from Startrek 2 is a nice touch. lol

  22. mccaffertym says:

    Excellent job! Well edited and very engaging. Kudos from a Sci-fi fan! And it was fun.

  23. TRUMPER007 says:

    @Pulsar1867 – The music at the very beginning is James Horner’s Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan opening music and Ceti Alpha V score. I think YOU have been at the champignons my friend!

  24. Pulsar1867 says:

    @TRUMPER007 Wrath of Khan? Star Trek? i think you purchased the wrong kind of mushrooms my friend :)

  25. Pulsar1867 says:

    @ajb1776 gotta disagree mate,are you talking as of then or looking back.It was the cheesy 80′s ya know and i loved the little guy.I think Twiki was once referred to as a phallic symbol ;) just look at the design of his err…… head… ‘cough’ In comparison the origianl BSG Battlestar Galactica was also considered cheesy especially compared to the Star Wars franchise but ya gotta love those Cylons too.

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