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Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (1979) – Stu Phillips.wmv

Stu Phillips as well known for his magestic score for the TV Show from 1978-1979 “Battlestar Galactica”. In 1979 he composed the music for the pilot episode of “Buck Rogers In The 25th Century” starring by Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Pamela Hensley and many other guest actors. This score is a classic action-adventure that captures the sense of this TV Serie.
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  1. HunterR909 says:

    I worked at universal studios during the production of the pilot of BRot TC or Buck Rogers, the sound stages were the ones waaaay in the back of the studio, Near the east gate, You could tell because part’s of the white plastic walls were allways outside Back then TOSBSG was still in production.

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