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Buck Owens and Roy Clark

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25 Responses to “Buck Owens and Roy Clark”

  1. beloved9042 says:

    TV was so innocent back then..

  2. TaCt1CalR4GE says:

    Damn you geoff >.<

  3. rockville34 says:

    6pm on RFD-TV Sunday night

  4. LLMorse1 says:

    TV… engineering..

    I hope yall made sum money…it wasnt worth it.

  5. HiOctane62 says:

    I miss this show brings back some great memories

  6. dobb673 says:

    OMG Kathy Baker, sweeeeeeeeeet!

  7. masterDevis says:

    1:58, Yeah, that joke just went right over my head…

  8. kymyst says:

    @lugger2010 CMT and TNN were and are different. CMT is actually owned by Viacom who owns MTV. TNN was owned by Gaylord who also ran the Opry. TNN is now SPIKE. I totally agree with your assessment of the current state of CMT.

  9. lugger2010 says:

    @ mbouchard52- Yes. I remember back in 1981, CMT (the Nashville Network then) used to run Hee Haw, + all kinds of corny-ass wholesome FUNNY shows. But like MTV on the ROCK side of music- Its gone to the chicks, and become nothing but crappy “female- oriented” garbage. Pretty-boy metro sexuals, relationships, reality shows, and all the rest of that “girl-friendly” shit. No talent need apply!

  10. elainezfw says:

    Never understood this bit – Buck says “I’m a-pickin’” but he’s strummin’. It’s Roy doin’ the pickin’.

  11. buckowens6 says:

    I love that’s good no that’s bad howcome!

  12. abt7217tc says:

    im 16, and i love my parents for buying me all these hee haw dvds.

  13. ThatsMyNerdGirl says:

    I love these guys… 

  14. MsMbrowneyes says:

    I whis I could copy all of these shows for my daughter, but even more so for my grand kids, if anyone can tell me how,, please let me know ok,, just go to and tell me.. ok :)

  15. MsMbrowneyes says:

    I remembwer this from a very young kid, watched it with my dad.. god love him R.I.P.

  16. dunbarspits says:

    Man I miss the Hee Haw show….

  17. unclemikecombs6 says:

    this is a great clip it is very funny

  18. mrjamiehorn says:

    cmt suck’s anymore- programs like extreme makeover. give it a break that show sucks on reg T.V. and they replay it on T.V .land

  19. mbouchard52 says:

    I remember watching Hee Haw every week along with Lawrence Welk I always thought that Hee Haw would be on for ever. I agree that CMT needs to put this back on cable, who cares if its all reruns this was quality television, if something went wrong they just moved on. Not like the crap that is on TV today it sucks.

  20. CadillacL says:

    Great show, Great memories!

  21. oldshadecorp says:

    Great Thanks.
    AHHH The memories.

  22. noahf67 says:

    Ah, the CBS glory days..

  23. 8cire says:

    I remember when my mom made me 1st watch thisshow. At first I pouted! 15 minutes later I was laughing my ass off.  Thanks mom, you always did know best!

  24. garywayne1966 says:

    It’s a coincidence that they chose the fat gal to make the crack about elephants having peanut breath.

  25. rolemodlin says:

    They were smokin’ some potent stuff.

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