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Bruce Lee Guest Stars in Ironside (1967)

In this episode, “Tagged For Murder,” Bruce Lee plays Leon Soo, an instructor of a karate school. Ironside’s assistant, Eve Whitfield, is sent to the school to inquire about a dog tag that belonged to Soo’s late father, which holds to key to solving a murder.

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25 Responses to “Bruce Lee Guest Stars in Ironside (1967)”

  1. sr71ablackbird says:

    is there a way that you could please upload the rest of the video ?

  2. oldchinEEEman says:

    Thumbs up if you agree no one can beat Bruce Lee!

  3. oldchinEEEman says:

    Bruce Lee is one of my inspirational people.

  4. JAWdog777 says:

    that was nice, lol.

  5. pennyferret77 says:

    haha he had her confused with the numbers

  6. HDsharp says:

    Ground fighting is limited also, even the gracies have to incorporate striking skills to even compete these days, its come full circle, and I hate chalkies and blacks, and what ever you maybe.

  7. lakeside1don says:

    @ClearwaterMMA Maybe….would you still suck my cock if I told you I was? You promised.

  8. ClearwaterMMA says:

    @lakeside1don ARE YOU A GOOK??

  9. lakeside1don says:

    @ClearwaterMMA I bet it wouldn’t be that hard for me to get you to suck my cock…..If fighting was all about getting owned and handled, your faggot ass would be an expert…Bitch.

  10. MJerrek says:

    Bruce lee would own in the UFC

  11. NickVader92 says:


  12. dextoriousoner says:


  13. TheGraffhead83 says:

    That was the fucken illest move in the world!!!!

  14. GoatAirJordanFTW says:

    @RespectMyHate yer i was like 0_0

  15. vishifishi01 says:


  16. 3062batman says:

    This episode aired on October 26, 1967 seven months after the green hornet ended and R.I.P Bruce Lee he had acheived so much during his short time on earth and the reason why i think God called him home too soon is because he was becoming more famous for his fighting and God did not like that so he decided to call him home early.

  17. albatani27 says:

    @formlessMIKE Didn’t Bruce Lee create Jeet Kun Do by combining the styles and philosophies of various disciplines, like Kung Fu, Fencing, and Western Boxing, among others?

  18. commentnotapproved1 says:

    yor cheap cor me an wed me a wist of names…???….I’m taking up script writing!

  19. MegaSaikyo says:

    0:46 I mean.

  20. MegaSaikyo says:

    yamazuki at 46

  21. groundpounder35 says:

    @whatsgoingon07 I would pay for it.

  22. groundpounder35 says:

    @whatsgoingon07 I would walk up and down the same busy street showing people the space where I once had six teeth and the handkerchief I used to wipe up the blood. While I smiled and said “Bruce did this.”

  23. MrBam045 says:

    WOW l can’t believe how he was so far ahead of his time

  24. formlessMIKE says:

    Why are some mma fans always knockin Bruce lee down? He was great during his time, nd to talk like he’s shit compared to mma fighters today is just so stupid. You kids today should learn to be more respectful and polite to the one man who brought the world mma. That’s right, a Chinese invented mma and brought his knowledge of it to America. Every american mma fan should be thankful for that.

  25. zolevokpk says:

    Karate instruction. Then the paper say Aikido – Judo. Those are like the least close to karate lol

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