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Bruce Campbell is a badass, period.

From the TV series “Brisco County Jr.” (episode 1×10 – “Showdown”) – Bruce sends a bullet straight into the chamber of his opponent’s gun, blowing it to smithereens.
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25 Responses to “Bruce Campbell is a badass, period.”

  1. JakeAV23 says:

    Chuck Norris wishes he could be half of the cowboy that bruce campbell is. hell chuck norris wishes he could be the rugged manly beard of bruce campbell but he just isnt worthy

  2. kotic131 says:

    this is probably why bruce is in burn notice and not chuck norris

  3. ZetaVS says:

    i think evil dead is a pretty cool guy. eh shoots peoples hands and DOSENT AFRAID OF ANYTHING

  4. herrybein says:

    Token black guy at 0:27!!!

  5. ComicBookGo says:

    Aint none badder than T! ….except Brisco fucking County jr! Even Clint aint as bad as the man who defeated the army of darkness xD

  6. Kaghne says:

    When Chuck Norris goes to bed, He checks his closet for Bruce Campbell. and Bruce Campbell doesnt have a chin, only another chainsaw >.>

  7. svenhoek12321 says:

    if bruce campbell was gay, his name would be chuck norris

  8. guyverlover says:

    Agreed, Bruce Campbell is so badass, he is up there with Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, and Wolverine, YOU CAN’T GET ANYMORE BADASS THAN THAT!!

  9. maytrian says:

    And now, his hand will turn against him :) .

  10. jomicvicious says:

    haha i own every brisco county, bestshow ever

  11. oldnotweak says:

    I expect later on he said i have a surprise for ya…. im right handed lol

  12. defan88 says:

    Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked Bruce Campbell in the face. Chuck Norris had be airlifted to the nearest hospital. Shop smart, shop S-Mart. YOU GOT THAT!!!!!

  13. powerman923 says:


  14. r3ini says:

    Now…. THAT’S a boomstick!

  15. billtamer says:

    of course he lost. he wore a fucking puffy pirate shirt.

  16. nathljin says:

    Bruce Campbell is the Chuck Norris of real life

  17. brentzilla33 says:

    Suck it Norris, all hail Bruce Campbell!!!!

  18. bobo8193 says:

    Only Campbell couldve done that.

  19. happyking9 says:

    Bruce Campbell can do that

  20. masternate61 says:

    check out Let’s Get Bruce Campbell To Host SNL on facebook

  21. JackCloudVanneDave says:

    You couldn’t quite see it but he also made that guy impotent

  22. EvilDead992 says:

    thats awesome.

  23. DemonDante147 says:

    O_O Chuck Norris is bruce campbells retarded little brother

    yes i just made a paradox!

  24. theninjaweirdo says:

    and after doing that. Bruce chopped off his own hand, strapped a chainsaw to it, and killed the unlucky bastard he’d just shot at.

  25. jamescydonia says:

    hahaha is the bad guy the bad guy from cyborg with jean claude van damme? sure looks like him :D

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