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Bricklin – 1974 Let’s Make a Deal

Wonderful appear at a 1974 Model. You can hear the amazement in the crowd when the vehicle is shown and the doors are raised.

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25 Responses to “Bricklin – 1974 Let’s Make a Deal”

  1. eldo59 says:

    Saw one just like it at a car cruise in Beaver, PA

  2. nosuchpersonvideo says:

    I saw one of those cars this summer when on vacation in Eastern Canada. I was passing through Moncton, New Brunswick, not far from where they were assembled, and saw it parked in a parking lot downtown. It was orange like this one and a real head turner, too.

  3. 67tr876 says:

    @canadiantimberwolf1 Not much the first delorean was showed off in 1976 but they did not sell them in till 1981 as you know.

  4. ToyKingWonder says:

    @samurphy American company. The Canadians provided tons of incentives for Malcolm Bricklin to build them there.

    By the way, the Dodge Challenger is made in Canada, doesn’t make it Canadian. The BMW X3 is made in South Carolina, does not make it American.

  5. alexander1485 says:

    built in canada exclusively for America lol how ironic

  6. Rlotpir1972 says:

    I’d love to see one of those babys reissued for “The Price is Right”.

  7. freethoughtmusic says:

    I hope she won it.

  8. pippipepper says:

    I wasn’t even born when this aired but I love this old show on re-runs, that Monty Hall guy is such a great host and the announcer is so good. It seems like the old game shows were just better back then.

  9. joesphx19 says:

    Wow, I almost bought one that was used in 1976, instead I opted for a new Cordoba.

  10. canadiantimberwolf1 says:

    @heine71 this was 1974 and the Delorean was 1980′s.So your a bit off base.

  11. moderndisco says:

    @InfiniteMushroom I agree with you 100% about todays cars being ugly regardless of maker. While 70′s cars were junk quality wise, they were distinct and had personality and the same for 80′s cars. I have a ’74 Bricklin now and would’nt trade it for any car made today.

  12. samurphy says:

    I love how America’s newest sports car is from Canada :)

  13. bauble24 says:

    My dad owns one.

  14. sammymm6 says:

    my dad has a bricklin

  15. deepmelody1991 says:

    @MCWEDS, I dunno if you want an answer but here it goes.
    1)car companies aren’t managed by car people, but people that rely on data instead of soul because it’s more cost-effective :P
    2)insurance costs, rising costs of life and bad economy kills dreams and options
    3)lack of taste
    4)too much rational thinking that leads to purchase of functional but eye-sore cars like the Toyota Yaris
    Those are some of the reasons I can think of. Anybody have any more?

  16. NowhereMan1966 says:


    Agreed, with few exceptions, most of today’s cars are bland, I like the cars from the 1950′s to the mid 1980′s.

  17. PGMEagle says:

    $9,000 that is a deal haha

  18. OnlineGamerKid says:

    the car of tomorrow today!

  19. FarangBalls says:

    Bricklins are badass. I have a Delorean, and i might get a Bricklin some day as well.

  20. AcadieNow says:

    New Brunswick Canada, Represent! lol, Nice Canadian Car

  21. markmarshall39 says:

    $9000.00, damn!!

  22. CoolWhiteChick says:

    That was not nice of Monty to make fun of his sidekick. Boooooo, Monty!

  23. CDTbossy says:

    true, and America has just started, in Europe people have been treated this way with cars for 20-30 years

  24. MCWEDS says:

    Infinite Mushroom made one of the truest comments ever made below? Why do people buy ugly Japanese cars? Now even GM has redsigned their cars with the same soulless features.

  25. harley1450000 says:

    they had montey on chop cut rebuild,unvailing the brickland they re done

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