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Brewers on Young and the Restless

Brewers on Young and the Restless (June 20, 2007)

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  1. pielover13598 says:

    because jeff suppan, chris, and bill don’t look like regular guys

  2. pielover13598 says:

    jeff suppan wasnn’t worth 42 million dollars. jj hardy’s having a good year with baltimore. chris capuano is ok with the mets and bill hall’s been with 4 different teams since the brewers in 2008. go brewers. i liked bill hall

  3. captaino16 says:

    And as we look back…
    Hall- bench player going from team to team. He’s on the Giants this month? Hmmm. Traded to Seattle in 2009.
    Suppan- Currently on a minor leaguer with the Royals, released by the Crew in 2010.
    Hardy- Traded to Minnesota in 2010. Currently enjoying moderate success in Baltimore
    Capuano- Recovered well in 2010, but signed with the Mets in 2011
    Good thing they got the franchise players on this show.

  4. IFknHateUTube says:

    Wow, blast from the past. Suppan sucks now. Bill Hall is a platooner at best. Cappy’s on his second tommy john and will probably never play again.

    At least Hardy’s still doing allright, though he may end up getting bumped to another position since escobar is apparently the second coming of ozzie smith.

  5. evenjesuspooped says:

    the moment that doomed the 07 brewers

    and suppan, hall, and capuano never seemed to recover after shooting this.

    this is sad

  6. rawkon2008 says:

    rordar, it’s called “acting”, it was in the script!

  7. rfk32578 says:

    Another thing when Ben took Phyllis by the arm and they did a square dance I was thinking “Cotten Eye Joe”… I was dying watching this scene… Phyllis sure was wild! In real life the lady who plays Phyllis is a sports fan and she was on The Best Damn Sports Show … or whatever they called it… but I watch “The Young and the Restless”!

  8. rfk32578 says:

    Oh yeah… Phyllis is a slut! However, she is happily married but her husband was persumed dead from a plane crash… but Nick came back!

  9. rfk32578 says:

    OMG!! Did she say that one of the guys bat was on fire! Holy shit!!!!! I wish Phyl was wild like she used to be!

  10. rfk32578 says:

    OMG! Thank you soooooo much… I was searching all over youtube after this episode aired… and never found it… and I found it tonight by accident… this had to be my favorite funny Phyllis moment … and she was grieving over Nick because they thought he died in the plane crash! It was hilarious!

  11. scizinsky says:

    cubs suck 100 years and counting

  12. volybalroxs says:

    OMG Hardy is so hot! Go Brewers!

  13. showtime0811 says:

    world series 2007? HAHAHAHAHA Brewers arent even making the playoffs… LETS GO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. mcx99 says:

    Capuano is giving pitching tips? The man is one of the worst pitcher’s in the entire major league. He’s lost 16 straight starts. His manager finally banished him to the bullpen. Instead of doing soap opera cameos, he should have focused more on his job. Look at the other idiots in this clip. They all are having horrible seasons. Nice job guys. You fucked your teammates over.

  15. tonygunshow19 says:

    yeah give good ol billy hall no lines. what a black man cant act? come on

  16. rordar says:

    J.J. has cooled down significantly since this was filmed. That chick is not attractive.

  17. vintheretard says:

    I smell a prophesy. 16 years from now there will be a child. That child… will be the offspring off the Milwaukee Brewers and that lady. Sounds like a south park episode.

  18. steveschic says:

    yeah go Brewers…who are they?

  19. ash29ley says:

    haha lame. but still GO BREWERS!

  20. saved1988 says:


  21. TheDesertFox says:

    hahaha… i love how capuano totally checks that girl out

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