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Intro to the western TV series Branded.
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  1. edybeast says:

    I vaguely remember the show. Does anyone know if the truth about what happened finally came out, restoring McCord’s good name, before the show was cancelled?

  2. wolfsige says:

    Incidentally..does anyone know if a copy of the movie they made of Branded exists anywhere.?

  3. wolfsige says:

    @roadstarman58 I find that incredibly easy to beleive…cheers

  4. roadstarman58 says:

    @wolfsige I believe somewhere there’s an outtake where they tried to break the real thing and it only bounced off his leg. They had to cut it almost in two to pull off that shot.

  5. wolfsige says:

    While not knowing much on American Sabres,British ones are designed to flex to a great degrre and breaking it would require a considerble amount of strength,over the knee..i do’nt think so.For any sword to break like that shows very poor craftmanship…I actually have a nice collection of sabres..sadly one of which is broken..broke while i was flexing it (yep,real dumb)..revealed an air bubble in the steel tho.

  6. 1eaNavarre says:


    Hello Topazcat1
    Thank you for your service.
    I too served.
    I understand now why you knew a bit about the sabers. . .
    Giving one to departing Officers and first Sargeants is an ongoing tradition of honor.

  7. topazcat1 says:

    @1eaNavarre Hello,I was in an Armored unit(Forunner Cavalry) We gave this type of saber away(real ones)with added engraving to departing Officers and first Sargeants. Topazcat1

  8. 1eaNavarre says:


    Hello Topazcat1
    Never thought of it like that.
    A saber might just snap without harm to the person doing the breaking.
    I deal with swords that are heavier and thicker than a saber.
    I have broad swords and if someone tried to snap any of them over their leg like that flat sided, it would do quite some damage to their leg. . but then again, broad swords are designed for that. .. .I do not think sabers are. . .but I am not that familar with sabers.
    Thanks for the input.

  9. topazcat1 says:

    Its quite possible,due to the hardness,it doesnt work of course from the leading edge,try bending,a fish hook,9x out of ten they will snap,thats a small scale comparison. Topazcat1

  10. 1eaNavarre says:

    I would like to see someone break a real sword over their knee like that.

  11. YTRulesFromNM says:

    Notice that he was drummed out, but not branded! When I saw the show I was expecting to see a big gnarly ‘C’ shaped scar on his cheek.

  12. RedlandsRodge says:

    After he was kicked out of the cavalry he went to be a cowboy in Africa.

  13. Hemlat says:

    Almost reluctant to contribute but Texas Version. ~Stranded, Stranded on the toilet bowl. What do you do when your Stranded, without another roll? Wherever you go, for the rest of your life you must uuuuuusssseee,….YOUR HAND!~

  14. jimspy1001 says:

    @sgtscruffy56 – YOU SANG THAT TOO? HAHAHA! Funny how jokes like that managed to go viral in the days before YouTube!

  15. pompom11 says:

    @sgtscruffy56 . . . No, it’s what do you do when you’re stranded, and you don’t have a roll. To proooove, that you’re a man, . . . wipe it, wipe it, wipe it with your hand. That’s the way we sang it in Boston.

  16. luridplanet says:

    Word about his cowardice sure got around fast in 1870 – did they telegraph it to every town? LOL

  17. topazcat1 says:

    Thanks for posting this,This intro really made an impression on me as a little kid,I remembered it exactly,It was a mystery for me over 30 years.Well I behaved and got an honorable discharge in 1985.33rd Armored Regiment.

  18. mrpentium says:

    @sgtscruffy56 The real lyrics are….
    Stranded on the toilet bowl
    What do you do when you’re stranded
    And you need another roll?

    To prove you’re a man
    You must wipe it with your hand
    And you won’t be stranded any more.

    bum bum

  19. brabon1 says:

    @msmelanin1 lol….i remember that take…almost as good as our riffs on daniel boone

  20. msmelanin1 says:

    when I was a little girl the Stranded song went like this. Stranded!.. stranded on the toilet bowl..what do you do when your stranded and need another roll.. to prove your a man.. you wipe it with your hand..stranded!

  21. msmelanin1 says:

    When i was a little fgirl the Stranded son went like this.
    Stranded! stranded on the toilet bowl..what do you do when your stranded when you need another roll.. to prove your a man you wipe it with your hand.. stranded.

  22. 5B0YAKASHA5 says:

    I never seen this before, got here through “Married with Chilnred, where in one episode- All night security dude, they made a parody of this intro. I must say the idea of a man outcasted from teh army, ashamed etc. looks terrific.

  23. rdw7300 says:

    I used to love this show. This opening sequence seemed much more dramatic than the episodes themselves. It sold the show. Roseanne made for great and necessary TV too. A woman’s POV is still fairly rare on corporate TV even now.
    By the way, great boots on Chuck.

    Now its off to Frankie Laine’s “3:10 to Yuma.”

  24. orvie8 says:

    @sgtscruffy56 LMAO That’s exactly why I’m here at this video! I’m sending a friend this to get a feel for the “Stranded” song! Your version has the same beginning and slightly different than mine where my version goes “what do you do when your stranded and there’s nothing on the roll”! “You know you’re a man and you must use your hand”! LMAO! This aired in 1965 – 66 when I was about 9 years old. That was 45 years ago! OMG! Were you born in 56 too? lol

  25. gotch09 says:

    @MaceMn I agree there’s way to much of Roseanne’s fat butt on tv even in reruns. Another I think they really drove into the ground was Seinfeld.

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