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Bozo the Clown Record Player – “Dixie” 78 RPM -Record Guild of America Records 1948

Hey YouTubers. Sharing one of my 1st record players I found when I started collecting record players. Really neat looking player! I believe it’s late 40′s or early 50′s. Electric, but is acoustic sound. Very hard on 78′s! :-) Enjoy! Play a record today!

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24 Responses to “Bozo the Clown Record Player – “Dixie” 78 RPM -Record Guild of America Records 1948”

  1. RaymondTVinyl says:

    @chompo7 Hey Chompo!! Me too…only Bozo made me laugh! I love the enjoyment you’re getting out of this vids. Its in my top 5 watched vids. Bizarre! Who Knew?!!

  2. chompo7 says:

    had to come back to see bozo! he is the ONLY clown i am not terrified of.
    here in chicago bozo was a much beloved tv show for close to 50 years.
    i am creeped out by every other clown but for some reason i loved bozo?

  3. RaymondTVinyl says:

    @GloomMaven78 Hello My Friend!! I believe I found this record at the thrift store. I usually pick up most of my children’s records at the thrift shops. They don’t show up often…but when they do, I snatch them up! Thanks for watching!! :-)

  4. GloomMaven78 says:

    I have to ask : where did you find that record? I would LOVE to find a copy!

  5. mlebagley says:

    I just love this song! I like any version of it! this player was made for shalac 78rpm records, those could withstand the playback on these kind of players

  6. cartoonfan1920s says:

    Bozo becomes Al Jolson!

  7. RaymondTVinyl says:

    I totally understand!! I’m not real crazy about clowns either! LOL!!

  8. 29def90 says:

    Hi Raymond,

    This is a great little record player. But pictures like this of Bozo terrified me as a kid, and they still rub me the wrong way. But it is still a beautiful machine!

  9. SureFire420 says:

    The way you said “super cool” made my stoner sense tingle.

  10. RaymondTVinyl says:

    LOL!!! It is a neat player. Glad U liked! :-)

  11. PressureWave says:

    Uauauauauauauaua, love it love it love it…
    Great thanks for sharing.

  12. RaymondTVinyl says:

    Thanks Thurber! From everyone’s replies, it must be a really unusual player. Hadn’t realized when I bought it. Glad U liked!!

  13. thurberdrawing says:

    Tim Burton could do something with this. I certainly remember Bozo (and I think the Bozo we see here is not a generic Bozo, but the face of a man who died about a year ago, who did Bozo for decades and licensed the image to other performers) and I remember this type of 78 record (red, yellow, green, etc.) but that sort of tone-arm was gone by the time I came along. (I was born in 1960.) I have some crank record players with that sort of tone-arm, but this hybrid version is fascinating.

  14. RaymondTVinyl says:

    Thanks Poppa. Hopefully she has a gleam in her eye when she sighs because she knows it’s you and your passion.

  15. poppakind1 says:

    Exactly, everytime I bring home another my wife just sighs. Nice video in the Short North, looks like you were having fun. Made me want to get outside. Tell your roomie I said nice work.

  16. RaymondTVinyl says:

    Even with a record room, I have players and records everywhere. It’s heaven to me!! LOL

  17. poppakind1 says:

    I wish. At least then I could keep my collection confined to 1 room. As is, I have shit everywhere. Someday…

  18. RaymondTVinyl says:

    Thank U Tink!

  19. RaymondTVinyl says:

    Don’t they come standard in house?? ;-)

  20. desoto1961 says:

    Very nice, I think they all cut up the records with that style reproducer and needle.

  21. sideshowtink says:

    That is the COOLEST player, Raymond! So interesting to see a non crank player with that kind of reproducer!!!

  22. poppakind1 says:

    That’s what I need, A RECORD ROOM.

  23. RaymondTVinyl says:

    Thanks Poppa! It’s ALWAYS displayed in the record room. :-)

  24. poppakind1 says:

    I love this machine! I used to watch the Bozo Show every morning before school. What a cool find. Very nice collectible. I would’ve bought that too!!

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