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“Bozo the Clown” n Me

“Bozo the Clown” n Me

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22 Responses to ““Bozo the Clown” n Me”

  1. JBHutto says:

    Where can I find any footage of Joey D’Auria as Bozo?

  2. bigred997 says:

    @4687878 you said it- bob was in a class by himself. he and ray rayner resurrected vaudeville skits and treated the kids with respect, never watering down his material into pablum. ned locke was a great straight man, too.
    both bob and ned worked with ted zeigler on lunch time little theater at first. ted went on to play a drunk and bufoon on the Cher Show in the late 60′s early 70′s.

  3. 4687878 says:

    Bob Bell is the best Bozo to me, because I grew up with him !!! No disrespect to the others, but Bob had Chicago !!!! “Bozo’s Circus is on the air”!!

  4. davita1111 says:

    Oh My Lord..! Frank Avruch, normally such an elegant man (he hosted a movie review program, as I recall) somehow created an absolutely demonic Bozo, which gave me recurring nightmares as a child! I was not sure until now that it was in fact his version of Bozo that did it, but now I’m sure…Its so odd, Avruch is not scary at all in real life. Must have been the pancake makeup…

  5. stebaer4 says:

    Frank Avruch is By far The Best Bostonian Bozo that there ever was as well as will be and I finally met him in person in Nov. of ’07. R.I.P.Larry Harmon you really started a a great entertainment industry as bozo The Clown and Frank has as well in carrying out your character in Boston and Hosting The Great Entertainment as well.

  6. peternoer says:

    yes and as you know the voice was by[cant remember his name-lol]Disney’s “goofy”

  7. mrcoolohio says:

    Rip bozo the clown you will be missed

  8. MSTCND says:

    R.I.P. Larry Harmon (1925-2008)…

  9. townhall05446 says:

    Bob Bell was the best Bozo, but I give Joey D’Auria a lot of credit. On the very, very last episode of Bozo on WGN, Joey D (as Bozo) was cheating like crazy to make sure the kids won all the prizes on the Grand Prize Game, which included family vacations etc. He looked into the camera and said ‘What are they going to do, fire me?’

  10. lionellion says:

    There is still 1 performer portraying the character, he lives in California, and was at Canobie lake park in NH for 11 seasons!
    Even Larry Harmon does’nt play the character anymore.

  11. JimLauletta says:

    Yup, that’s Frank.

  12. artmenace says:

    Was that Frank Avruch? The Boston man?

  13. 143AC says:

    I really ment to say that “Cartoon vo performer

    Mr.Pinto Colvig was the first person to play

    Bozo as a live kids tv character.”

  14. 143AC says:

    Dear Really Current,

    The name of the very last performer to play

    “Bozo” in Chicago,Ill. or anywhere is Joey


  15. 143AC says:

    Dear Meet John Dean,

    Mr.Larry Hamron never created “Bozo’as

    a cartoon character or as a live kids tv show


    The kids tv clown was created by Alan Livingston

    (Who also hepled to create The “Bozo”kids records)

    Jayark Cartoon studios created and produced

    The “Bozo”TV Cartoons.

  16. 143AC says:

    Dear Meet John Dean,

    The name of the first man to play “Bozo”on WPIX TV

    Ch.11 in NYC is spelt Bill Britten.

    He did “Bozo”from 9/14/1959 to 4/1964

    Gordon Ramsey was the second and last performer

    to play the character on WOR TV Ch.9 from 2/3/1969

    to 1970.

  17. 143AC says:

    Dear Reality Current,

    Art Cervi was one of two “Bozo’s”in the

    Detroit,Mi. viewing area the other was Bob McNea.

    Messers:Bob Bell and Joey D’Auria played”Bozo”

    on WGN TV Chicao and Mr.D’Auria was the last

    man to play the clown on tv ever!

  18. 143AC says:

    Dear Reality Current,

    The very first on camera “Bozo’was cartoon

    vo man:Pinto Colvi,the second was comic actor

    and dancer:Sid Saylor(He was also a real clown)

    and the third(Before Mr.Harmon Took over and

    ruined “Bozo”)was Vance Colvig..Pinto’s son.

  19. therealitycurrent says:

    Actually; Bob Bell was in Chicago and was the most fameous Bozo. The second most fameous Bozo is Chicago’s second Bozo.. comedian and voice-over artist… Joey D’Ardia; who’s photo is on the back wall in this shot.

  20. MeanJohnDean says:

    What city are you from? What Bozo is that you say “the original” Bozo but the original was Bob Bell in CA., Larry Harmon was the franchiser but not the creator even though he said he was. The most famous was probably Art Cervi in Chicago and mine was Bill Brittin aka Jonny Jellybean in New York. Give a name please.
    Mean John Dean

  21. ProduccionesJAPS says:

    Why dont u give more details abojut the video??? Where was that recorded? Whos that actor that played Bozo?

  22. sitedecinema says:

    Which one is Bozo?

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