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Bowling for Dollars – Uncut Version

Short Order on Bowling for Dollars

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10 Responses to “Bowling for Dollars – Uncut Version”

  1. domirules28 says:

    the pattern at d&b in suburban buffalo is quite a challenge, i bowl 3X a week and found it hard to hit the pocket….as far as where point breeze is, head east on 104 and make a left on 98 to the lake…

  2. mulehead126 says:

    WHAT A ZERO!!! That guy reminds me of Rob Cornrod, aka “The Lamprey”, the Queer of The Year in 1971.

    Just for meanness…

  3. mulehead126 says:

    Wow 50 WHOLE DOLLARS for a strike…weeeeeee! Well good old Bill got himself a hat…I like the way he said “Hi …family!”…what a zero!!!

  4. author says:

    I know Ed Kilgore hosted Buffalo’s Bowling for Dollars in the 1970′s.

  5. sygo7g says:

    Funny they would use it anyway, for any station to bother doing this as a segment on a news program, at least it’s worth a look, though not nearly the same as a half-hour program would’ve been 30 years ago.

  6. OofusTwillip says:

    Oops! Minor brain fart. “The Jokers Wild” and “Tic-Tac-Dough” used to air back-to-back on weekday evenings in the early ’80s. I guess they sort of melded together in my memory bank.

  7. pem1974 says:

    Actually its “Tic-Tac-Dough” also a Barry-Enright production

  8. OofusTwillip says:

    And the theme music used to intro this game, was the theme for “The Jokers Wild” (not a Claster/Hasbro prod’n, but a Barry-Enright one).

  9. OofusTwillip says:

    The Claster/Hasbro connection would explain why the “Our Featured Presentation” graphic is identical to the graphics used when the teacher on “Romper Room” would look through her magic mirror and “see” the viewers at home.

  10. byrd56 says:

    Channel 2 in Buffalo paying tribute to one of the great TV shows of the 1970′s. [Does Claster/Hasbro still own the format rights to "BFD"?]

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