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Bowling for Dollars – Lori

Lori on the TV game show Bowling for Dollars.

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8 Responses to “Bowling for Dollars – Lori”

  1. kyyote1 says:

    I only rember Chick Hearn hosting this game show. Are there archives of him as the host? Go Lakers!!! There will only be one Chick Hearn “Old Golden Throat” the best play-by-play sports anouncer ever!

  2. captainamerica1967us says:

    My dad worked for the major newspaper in Pgh during the Nick Perry scandal. He worked with several people at WTAE back in the day assisting them with station advertising in the paper. He saw Nick Perry, who seemed unusually nervous about something, and talked to him. My dad said he wasnt his usual cool, funny self. The next day the first news about the Daily Number scandal came out.

  3. Jiltedin2007 says:

    Does anyone ever remember Chick Hearn hosting this Game Show?

  4. havingfun1968 says:

    Is this the same show that was on in New York? It was on Channel 9 , WOR…….

  5. jdp201eliz says:

    nick (666) perry….. friends with our old buddy the late sammy manirino from new ken..

  6. mattfro66 says:

    Yep, that’s THE Nicky 6!

  7. blanchelincoln says:

    Is that the infamous Nick Perry?

  8. Wa3ypx says:

    Home of the eternal tap. two free beers per eprson per day.

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