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Bowling for Dollars – Anna Bella

Anna Bella on the Tv game show Bowling for Dollars.

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20 Responses to “Bowling for Dollars – Anna Bella”

  1. kduideo says:

    What hairstyles …LOL!!!!

  2. alanjay35 says:

    I remember this as a kid im 40 now

  3. stinger19er says:

    Love the Fact that they still use Pin Boys for the Studio show.

  4. dbacksta says:

    bowling ball was not the American Beauty, it was an AMF strikeline, i contacted the person who posted this, and he still has the ball

  5. marywelden says:


    It was Thunder Bowl Lanes in Allen Park. The show was hosted by Bob Allison. My late Grandpa was the “mechanic” in the back keeping the lanes up & running. My sister & I were introduced in the audience quite a few times waaaay back in the 70′s. I did make contact with Bob Allison oh about a year ago to see if I could obtain copies of the shows to show my kids’ but to my disappointment, the shows were recorded over because of the cost of the reels back then.

  6. Darinw40 says:

    they also had a version of this from thunderbowl (or thunderbird, cant remember the name) lanes in Allen Park Michigan

  7. Misstersack says:

    Bowling Ball she used was a AMF Voit American Beauty

  8. iball78217 says:

    i was just a kid when I watched this show with my grandma…Im 41 now……go bowling for dollars and Jokers wild!!!!

  9. sweetjustice4488 says:

    Love Steve hair

  10. richmjr67 says:

    guy has a nice jacket were he get it at the toughskins big kids collection at sears lol

  11. sstrothe says:

    @Anna. Thank you for this info!

  12. dennie320 says:

    @sstrothe I worked as one of the directors on that show in Toledo (WDHO-TV 24) and we used five video tapes labeled Monday thru Friday. Each week we bulk erased the previous show once it had aired and recorded the new show over it. It’s unlikely any of the individual shows exist. However, you could try Bert Claster television, I believe he’s in Baltimore on the off chance he may have a dub.

  13. TiberiousNeruda says:

    1st Ball: No drive, no five!

    2nd Ball: NOBODY misses a FIVE PIN!

  14. MrJPWR says:

    Good old Andy. He looked good in his senior years

  15. howardtheman says:

    Would anyone have the BFD Christmas Edition December 24th 1976,My father was on it and i was wondering if anyone has any information on it?

  16. Zickcermacity says:

    Does anyone have video of BFD with Larry Kenney?? That’s what I watched in Metro-NY.

  17. sstrothe says:

    i’ve been looking for Bowling for Dollars films aired in Toledo OH. My dad was a contestant and I want to give that episode to him for his birthday or Christmas. Anyone have any leads?

  18. dbacksta says:

    could you check and see if its still there, cause id very much like the ball, if you dont know what to do with it

  19. curtlow says:

    I think I remember seeing the ball at her house at one point – not sure if it’s still there but it’s possible.

  20. dbacksta says:

    god, i love that bowling ball she has, does she still have it?

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