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Borat Meets David Letterman

Kazakhstan’s most well-known journalist talks about his hobbies, his former wife, and dances with Beck.
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25 Responses to “Borat Meets David Letterman”

  1. opet22 says:

    i like letterman for such ending comments like ‘thats fine’ on the borat`s showing the sleeve ;)

  2. beurremtl says:

    ”like sleeve of wizard”

  3. eqsmooth says:

    still the funniest clip ever on youtube

  4. khajiit92 says:

    @rysk87 the person is sacha baren cohen, he does several characters and borat is one of them. ali G is probably the most famous one (not sure if it’s big in the US though) and i think he did bruno recently too, haven’t watched it yet though.

    check out ali g though, it’s really funny.

  5. iruleall15 says:

    Sacha Cohen is a closet homo without a doubt… Its terrible

  6. rysk87 says:

    im confused is he pretending or does he have a mental disability?

  7. TheWhyRemember says:

    no reason arrest . newsvine . com


    her vagien start to hang like slieve of wizard …. farkin hell hahaha

  9. Akojiin says:

    He uses the same jokes as in the movie in every interview…

  10. Mat2001uk says:

    Strong on plow, that’s something I look for in a woman as well.

  11. willshmo852 says:


  12. ataraxia60 says:

    @Indi810 serial killer spotted

  13. Ridereye says:

    Help me fight against fascist racist genocidal monopolies.

    Rider I

  14. jahlove111 says:

    He’s hilarious!

  15. wantdjs says:

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  16. PushEastward says:

    only about 15% of the jews are “Hebrew” which translates from “bandits across the river” while the other 85% are Turko-Edomites who descend from the Khazars who earned the moniker “serpent people” through reputation. Jesus was an authentic “Israelite” not Hebrew nor Turko-Edomite.

  17. RDLProductions1 says:

    they didnt know who he was at the time!

  18. Razorblade12161216 says:

    Her vag starts to hang like a sleeve of wizard. LMFAO

  19. sunsworn5 says:


  20. sunsworn5 says:


  21. egobrainss1 says:

    what band is it in the end? :)

  22. besthitsonly says:

    Borat IS GREATEST TROLL of ALL times!

  23. azuur says:

    @Indi810 It’s a joke, man. And the joke isn’t (mainly) on you, the kazakhs. Chill out.

  24. islensktrapp says:

    0:30 every day i is shufflin

  25. Indi810 says:

    WHEN I WILL MEET borat I WILL KILL HIM !!!! first i will cut his body to tiny tiny pieces!!!
    how he can even continue lying about kazakhstan, even he never been there, and he is not kazakh nationality!

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