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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Days of Our Lives

Bone thugs
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Days of Our Lives”

  1. ThugLuv96 says:

    108 people haven’t heard real music in the days of their lives!

  2. koolclient says:

    what movie is that?

  3. Mexicanchild213 says:

    Badass song, to go with a badass movie.

  4. snookydokky says:

    memories so much memories

  5. ErikVaughnDillinger says:

    @TheLitleG dude, not everybody likes the same shit. Calm down.

  6. Floraiton says:

    back when Queen Latifah was still a Queen. Sigh.

  7. TWOLDRTURD1 says:

    Bone the greatest rap group ever!!! ^_^

  8. Situation713 says:

    Why the fuck would anybody dislike this i mean really??

  9. Situation713 says:

    Why the fuck would anybody dislike this i mean really?

  10. pillsbury1201 says:

    Beautiful intro… T.T

  11. glyn1234mix says:

    takes me back in the day :)

  12. TheAnnoyingBrat says:

    I love bone thugs $ harmony Greeetszzzzzz sharitsa

  13. 37SuperBrandon says:

    I remember when this video first appeared in 1996 when i graduated highschool and was on my way to college to become a doctor.

  14. keenterbounds says:

    edited vers bring back mems

  15. TheAsasin777 says:

    we call these ppl blinded haterz

  16. XxZBRAZExXSE says:

    i wish theyy still were together kuzz they made some good ass muzic

  17. theartofwar09 says:

    this shit needs to be in 720p noooowwwww :D

  18. viaxobmij says:

    Bone thugs is a Legend!

  19. anthonylawton52 says:

    i guarantee all of the 107 people dat disliked dis song…were born after 95′…..and they think Soulja Boy is a lyricist

  20. TheSassy2005 says:

    OK if you hate/dislike this song then you are ignorant to what good music is smh

  21. rockbottomguam says:

    Bone thugz!! No others can compare!

  22. hockeycox07 says:

    0:33 – 0:48

  23. mari3790 says:

    thats wuts up!, this brings back good memoriez

  24. jddrewinduval says:

    We are more than thugs!

  25. stephy2dope says:

    one of the greatest songs ever.

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