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Bone Thugs – Days of our lives – UNCUT

Bone Thugs-n-harmony soundtrack from the movie set it off. This is the full version with bizzy bone. whole song. uncut enedited east 1999 eternal crossroads

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25 Responses to “Bone Thugs – Days of our lives – UNCUT”

  1. Da90sFunk says:

    soo im noticing how all these niggas had long hair lol…..truely loced out!!

  2. 82BlackPower says:

    wake up lil soulja!!

  3. FeedHimBah1 says:

    Bone thugs were lucky people. Colabt with 2pac,biggie,eazy e in the studio
    much love from Australia

  4. YungKris1000 says:

    this will always b my shit, throwback wen u could relate to music… Not this new bs though…

  5. erouza says:

    This is real music, the music industry has died!!!!! If I had the money I would start my own Record Label that would be called Forever Music Group and I would sign Bone-Thugs and Nas

  6. Silv3r8ack says:

    Its amazing that you can go back and listen to music like this and see how absolutely SHITTY the music now a days is. BTNH 4eva!!!

  7. 123ritabug says:

    @awayoutmovement TOTALY

  8. DWRhythm says:

    This is where it’s at. I don’t care for the new rap/hiphop that’s being pushed these days. Current stuff lacks EVERYTHING in my opinion.

  9. animefusi0n says:

    Beside a little noise from the background ….the video/song are great. Thanks for uploading.

  10. MistaMandalay says:

    @awayoutmovement Bone still Bone! They ain’t sell out for all this BS that hip hop artists be puttin out these days… Of course, this song is a classic and it would be hard for Bone to top this one…

  11. SavedSMVElove says:

    Hell yeah!

  12. westside707norcal says:

    damn! now this is music! WTF happened to the rap game!

  13. TheNissey1000 says:

    Perfect song to smoke out to…Damn i miss these days….

  14. Offtheballs92 says:

    Now this is the way music is supposed to make you feel.

  15. bizophecles says:

    …stupid is u not realizing i did that on purpose

  16. kentuckykid270 says:

    @bizophecles lol i wouldnt call someone stupid if you dont know how to spell it…..

  17. awayoutmovement says:

    @elrojomoreno They fell off…

  18. DyamondBayBee says:

    i love this version so much better…the harmonizing is fye

  19. elrojomoreno says:

    @awayoutmovement what happen to him

  20. sergef313 says:

    @Binky1871 cuz flesh is ass

  21. SOUTH216 says:

    @Binky1871 I think he was in jail during this time…

  22. bizophecles says:

    u r just stewpid. now go die.

  23. slamgame71 says:

    @nacanecorsos at ;)

  24. krayleathaface1 says:

    @GoJoshh the thing is, there will never be another Bone Thugs N Harmony..these dudes are original and nobody can ever duplicate this type of flow, or harmonize any where near the way these guys do..Bone are legends and one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time

  25. llwaler says:

    Bone need. To come back out…with some new shit… I got love. Fo them niggas… Days of our lives…. Shoot em up yo dwag lee l waller I’m also on you tube.
    Lee waller just a man…

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